How to Open Doors

Raef Ak'karell entered the healing ward nervously, he was, after all, going to meet Arianwen, the girl he truly loved. 

Arianwen and Jeremi spoke, but neither was smiling. Raef assumed they were discussing their mission and the bleak days ahead. As soon as they saw him, the girls stopped talking. The looks on their faces made it perfectly clear that they didn't want him there. Raef felt a sudden flash of anger at his beloved. She looked at him like he was unwanted, intruding.

As he drew closer to Jeremi's bed, Raef wilted under her gaze. When he got there he handed Arianwen a note that read:

Raef Ak'karell is to go with you. Treat him kindly, for he is mute.

Arianwen looked suspicious, but she then realized that this had to be the case; everyone else thought she and Jeremi were dead.

The situation became awkward when no one said anything. Both girls stared at him in shock and Raef looked only at his feet, blushing furiously. 

Arianwen, ever the diplomat, was finally able to say, "You came right on time, I'm just about to tell Jeremi where the portal is. Uh...sit down."

Raef settled himself on the edge of the bed, as far from either of the girls as possible. He didn't want his beloved to know his true feelings yet.

"According to Vollomeer's diary, the Doorway is the Eastern Meditation Circle, you know, where I got attacked by one of his demons. When I say the Doorway is the Meditation Circle, I don't mean it's in it, I mean it is it."

Jeremi looked at her friend with skepticism.

"That's easy enough to understand. Does he mention anything about how to open the thing."

"Unfortunately, no. This is the part where Gwydion was hoping your Gift would come in handy. He said you can open any door and pick any lock."

"Physical doors, yes. I have no idea how to open imaginary ones!"


Then Raef did a curious thing. He raised his hand and conjured an image. It was of the Meditation Circle. He then morphed it into a door with a lock. After making sure the girls understood, he showed Jeremi picking the lock like she would any other door. While the images seemed abstract, they made a good point:

This special gate was to be treated the same as any other door.


The End

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