Not Intirely True

As I told the story, I felt my neck burn. I pushed away the pain, and carried on. I finished, and was quite embarresed. I had been found out as a real princess, but my Uncle, was he dead? I felt grief hold me. This Bundle seemed to trust me slightly, so I stayed near him. He noticed me, and glanced at me every few minutes. I felt the pain of the great secret pushing down heavily on my shoulders, until I could bear it no more to keep it to myself. I leaned over slightly, and began to talk to Bundle in barely a whisper.

"I told you I had an uncle, didn't I? Well, that wasn't entirely truthful." I confessed.

"So tell me. What is the truth?" he hissed back.

I sighed. "My...father...had a favorite friend, who betrayed him. Before he did, my father named him my god-father. Then he was murdered. By my god-father, who calls himself my uncle." I saw Bundle pause, then look over at me suspiciously.

I clenched my fist, and said through my teeth, in a spit of anger, "My 'Uncle' or god-father, is...was...Wolfram."

The End

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