Still No Trust

Noira walked on, with the three behind her. She heard something rustle. She whipped round, and looked strait into the eyes of Willard. Noira smiled. Willard pushed her slightly. "Still don't trust me?" she asked, pouting playfully. Ax pushed her. Noira pulled her knifes out from her belt as something rustled in the bushes in front of them. A wolf came snarling at them, it's eyes flashing. Noira closed her eyes, and pointed her hand at it. It closed it's eyes for a moment, then walked towards her. She stroked the wolf's coat, then sat on it's back. It walked slowly, keeping in pace with the three behind. Noira looked over her shoulder, and gave a glowing smile at Ax and Will.

Ax was taken by surprise, and smiled slightly back, but Will just carried on walking. Noira sighed, and thought of her Uncle. "Is he alive? Am I stupid to appose him?" She shook her head. Anything was better than running errands for that evil son of a dog.  Noira clenched her teeth at the thought of seeing him alive in front of her.

The End

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