Through her pain induced haze, Jeremi could feel the memories welling up. Her half conscious mind began to replay her hurt and pain, but it was from another time. The mind does strange things when the pain overcomes the body. Even though she tried to block the memories out, Jeremi was forced to succumb to their poisoned breath.

Jeremi was in the Student's Dormitory attempting to fix a broken bowl when some of the other students came in. They weren't as talented as Arianwen, but they knew their Gifts were much more powerful than Jeremi's.

"What are you doing there, you Giftless idiot?"

Jeremi, noticing a few guys among the group, said:

"You're not supposed to be here. Go away."

The meanest of the group grabbed her by the collar of her robes and hauled Jeremi to her feet. She struggled in his grasp, but Jeremi was small and weak. Having no other options, she lashed out with her foot, hitting the young man squarely in the groin. He dropped her and she scampered toward the door, but was intercepted by a girl named Civet who was known for her ability to disarm her opponents.

Jeremi found herself on the floor with one of the males standing over her. She cursed inwardly for not keeping her knives on her at all times. They were stolen, naturally, but had the ability to penetrate any magical barrier, making the defenses of her peers useless, but she had assumed that she would be safe in her own bed. Quite clearly, her enemies were not even noble enough to meet her in honorable combat.

The male she had kicked was on the floor writhing in pain; he would not pose a threat to her, but the others were still able to walk, and therefore, dangerous. 

The one standing over her picked her up and grabbed the hem of her robes, pulling them over her head. He then grabbed her by the hair and hauled her out into the corridor. From there he managed to drag Jeremi out into the main hall and proceeded to tie her to a pillar. 

Jeremi's antagonizers pulled out a cat o' nine and took turns beating her mercilessly. 

Blood ran down her back and legs as wounds opened up all over her body. When they had finished entertaining themselves, they each spit on the broken and bleeding form that lay still on the floor. 

Many would have passed out from the pain, but Jeremi deliberately had kept herself awake so that she could feel each lash on her back and remember it. One day they would be sorry for stripping and beating her. They would pay for the years of torment Jeremi had suffered, and all the ones she knew she was going to suffer as long as she remained in Winterealm.

Little did she know, one other watched her torment and vowed the same thing. 

Arianwen stood in the center of the room, sickened by what her friends had done. She swore then that she would have mercy on that girl and protect her from the violence of the others. 

With silent steps, Arianwen approached and placed her hand right above Jeremi's head. Using a quick spell, she gave Jeremi the release of sleep, but knew she could do nothing else, for to do more would be to damage the other girl's pride.

Jeremi knew none of this, she only remembered blacking out quite suddenly after managing to stay conscious during the entirety of her torment.

The End

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