The Warrior Princess

The hooded figure followed Willard and his two companions in the early morning chill. Her bare feet made barely a noise. She must follow him. Willard turned his head as she brushed against a boulder, making it crumble slightly. He walked on. She dared to get a little closer, until he turned round, pointing the sword at her. His friends glared at her. Her white and silver cloak blew gently in the wind. "Show yourself." commanded Willard. She pulled back her hood, showing her face.

She has ebony hair that reached her back, rich, dark blue eyes, lips as red as blood, and skin as white as snow. A white mask with two feather framed her eyes, making them stand out. She reached her hands out, revealing her clothing underneath. She wore a white shirt, and blackish trousers. She had a belt round her waist, hung with two daggers either side. Willard raised his sword higher. She sighed.

"I am no threat to you, Willard. I am Noira Puro, and I was sent by a... friend of yours to accompany you." She told him. He raised an eyebrow. She fought to keep her shirt sleeve over the mark on her wrist. Willard caught the movement, and looked at the mark of the sword with a crown round it. She sighed.

"A Warrior Princess. Typical." He growled. A Warrior Princess is someone who was born with royal blood, but was orphaned, and brought up by warriors. He lowered his sword, and stared at her for a while. She touched his cheek. He slapped it away. "Why should you come with us? Why should we trust you?" asked his friend, Ax.

"I wasn't sent by anyone. I came here on my own accord. I hated my Uncle, so I deicided to join you. If you don't mind." She confessed. Ax and Willard narrowed their eyes. "Who  is  your uncle?" Ax asked. She shook her head.

"My name means black, and black shrouds the terrible truth for me. As soon as you trust me, I will trust you to tell." Willard looked at her angrily. 

"No. You shall tell us who your Uncle is, and why we should let you join us. We don't want a Warrior Princess on our team if she is an assassin out to kill us!" He raised his voice slightly.

The tips of her fingers felt as if a firestorm would come out of them. She stared at Ax with her intense eyes. He looked away. Noira sighed.

"I will not tell you who my Uncle is, but I will say this. I have two Gifts. The first is to show others what I have seen, and the second is to manipulate people's bodies. Let's just Uncle isn't on our side. He's bad. Please trust me." She begged them to trust her with her pleading eyes. Willard nodded stiffly, then threw his head, saying to go in front of him.

"Afraid I'll stab him in the back. But at least they trust me a bit. They wouldn't if they knew who my Uncle was."


The End

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