It Makes You Crazy

"So you're saying that my seemingly untalented friend has skills beyond most."

Gwydion looked out into the foyer where Jeremi was pacing anxiously. 

"She has an uncommon Gift, yes, but I do not think that she has realized her own potential yet. Her struggles with reading have prevented her from researching her own abilities, and sometimes I am thankful for this. If she knew what she could do, Jeremi would be up to mischief beyond all comparison."

"What does her Gift include?"

"She can tell if you lie to her, so tell the truth. Picking locks is child's play for her. As I have already said, she can move unseen through darkness, and she is also less likely to become mad as a result of her powers."

As the conversation about the Thief's Gift drew to a close, Jeremi was called back in. She didn't appear to put out anymore by being politely asked to leave, but she certainly was bored. 

"Gwydion, I want my scepter back."

Arianwen was adamant about receiving what she believed to be rightfully hers.

"Wolfram has the Sword of Belendar. I can't be expected to overcome him without a weapon of my own."

Gwydion was outraged at this obvious display of insubordination. 

"You know I cannot give it to you! You are too ambitious, it would only bring about your downfall. I will not give you a weapon that could become the death of both you and Jeremi."

Arianwen stood up and looked Gwydion in the eye, a look of defiance about her. 

"I know where the scepter is, and I'm going to get it. Come on Jeremi, we're leaving."

Arianwen turned on her heel and stormed out of the house. Jeremi gave Gwydion a look of apology and regret before following after her friend. 

Jeremi had always known Arianwen was ambitious, the one fault she could assign to her, but Jeremi couldn't condemn her for this, especially after all that Arianwen had done for her. This being said, Jeremi was loathe to disagree with her friend, even though Gwydion knew what he was talking about.

"Maybe you should listen to him Arianwen."

"This isn't any of your business, so back off."

"He said it could lead us both to our deaths. I think that concerns me, don't you?"

"Look, I need to get that scepter. It's in Vollomeer's room. You're the only one that can break in."

"He told you."

"He did."

"I'm not doing this, it's not right, and if I don't help you, you can't get it."

"After all I've done for you, you won't even do this one thing for me."

Arianwen had stopped walking, and a slight breeze stirred her long, black hair. She gave Jeremi a cold look, but Jeremi stood her ground.

"No. I'm doing this for you."

With a cry of rage, Arianwen made a lunge at her friend, and knocked Jeremi to the ground. Jeremi, who had much more experience with fighting than Arianwen did, rolled out of the way in time for Arianwen to crash to the ground. 

The wind howled around the two as they rolled about on the ground, both struggling for the upper hand. Arianwen's attack was fueled by rage, and would therefore die down in a few moments. Jeremi fought in a defensive manner, not wishing to cause Arianwen harm, but still not wanting to get her hair ripped out.

Eventually Arianwen tired and began to falter, then stopped completely and lay motionless in the snow. Jeremi gave a sigh of relief and lay next to her, not yet daring to speak.

"I'm sorry Jeremi, I hope I haven't hurt you. I'm not sure what came over me just then. I see your reasoning, and I won't force you to go after that scepter with me."

"Though I prefer you not go after that scepter at all, I accept your apology. I don't blame you for attacking me either, it's the Gift running through your blood. Makes you crazy. I still love you in spite of it, so I'm going with you to get the scepter. I can't let you get into trouble on your own. Where is it kept?"

"In Vollomeer's house."

The End

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