The soft strum of Vollomeer's small lyre filled the morning air as the early morning sun peaked over the eastern horizen.  Wolfram was still asleep in the clearing a ways back but Vollomeer could never sleep once the sun had begun it's journey across the sky.  He arose every morning to join the birds in their early morning song. 

He loved music but Wolfram had always seen it as a weakness.  Even still Vollomeer couldn't get himself to give up his lyre.  He kept it well hidden for letting Wolfram see it was out of the question. 

He would never give it up for it reminded him of her:  The one woman he would forever love but could never have.  He was gifted and she was not besides she was a married woman.  Sure that had not stopped their night of passion over sixteen years ago but he knew that it could not happen again much to Karena's dismay.

The sun was getting high in the sky and Vollomeer knew that Wolfram would be waking up soon.  He stood and placed the lyre gently and deeply into his pack and worked his way back through the forest toward the camp.

As Vollomeer had suspected Wolfram was awake.  "Are you ready?"

Vollomeer nodded thoughts of Karina still stuck in his head.  He grabbed the rest of his things and started into the woods after Wolfram's receding figure.

They traveled for quite some time with Vollomeer frequently taking to the air to scout ahead.  "We're not far from them now."  He reported after nearly half a day of travel.  "I'd say about 2 more hours before we catch up with them."

"Good!"  Wolfram smiled wickedly.

They pushed forward not stopping for even a moments rest.  Finally Vollomeer announced what Wolfram had been waiting to hear "They are just around the bend."

The End

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