The Raven

Under cover of darkness the raven flew.  Over meadows and streams in search of his master.  His master would be proud that he knew.  It wasn't everyday that he was able to bring such news.  He could tell that he was coming near to his masters hiding place for his sense of smell was keen. 

He dived through the trees landing on an overhanging branch close above  his masters head.  Wolfram looked up at him, "Well?"  He asked expectantly.

The raven hopped down transforming into a small imp as he did.  He landed softly, silently on the ground.  He came no higher than Wolfram's waist when he stood to his full height but since he tended to crouch only came up to his knee.  He was one of the many gifted with the ability to transform into small woodland creatures his favorite being the form of a raven. 

"Well?"  Said Wolfram again, "What did you find Vollomeer?"

Vollomeer's voice was raspy as he spoke.  "They're going to Hathenford."

"That is if we don't catch them before they arrive."

The End

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