Jeremi left the meeting chamber with thoughts of adventure filling her mind. She had never seen the world outside of Winterealm before; she had been born there, and had never been allowed to leave. 

This was a rule that Jeremi had always found unfair. It hadn't been her choice to be born in Winterealm, and it wasn't as if she'd go around killing people if she was allowed to leave. Unfortunately, after the incident involving Wolfram, the Elders allowed none to exit the realm.

That was the problem with the Gift. If you had it, but weren't trained, you pretty much lost your mind and killed people, and the more of the Gift you had, the more likely you were to do it. This was the reason Jeremi was quite pleased with her Gift. It was small, yet practical. She could do the basic bit: object levitation, fire starting, and magical shields, but her true talent was going unseen through the night and being able to pick locks with ease. That was her Gift.

The others mocked her, calling her useless and stupid, and it wasn't surprising, since although she enjoyed reading, sometimes the words swam across the page and turned backwards. She was dyslexic.

The only elite student that was ever kind to her was Arianwen. She was a nice person at heart, but did have some flaws. The most noticeable of these was her Gift.

Since the extent of her Gift was so great, she often bordered on madness. Once, when Arianwen began to come into her full power, she locked herself in her tower and didn't come out for a month. All during this time, the wind howled outside and the weather was bad, for Arianwen could control the wind, to a degree.

Jeremi headed out into the snow and headed for Arianwen's tower. It was rare for one so young to be given their own tower by the Elders, but they recognized her talent, and she was rewarded. 

When Jeremi arrived, she didn't bother to knock on the door. She came over so much, Arianwen had decided to just let her enter without knocking because she'd be getting up constantly to open the door. 

Jeremi found her friend in the kitchen, drinking tea and reading a book. 

"I've got good news!"

"Continue," Arianwen said without looking up from her reading.

"The Elders have decided to let you and me leave the Winterealm!"

Apparently, this merited a look, because Arianwen calmy looked up and closed the book.

"And why would they grant us this honor?"

"You're supposed to track down Wolfram and bring him back."

Arianwen had been sipping her tea when she heard the last statement. The mug slipped through her fingers and fell to the floor with a crash.

"Oh! Let me fix that for you," Jeremi said in an attempt to be helpful.

"No you don't. The last time you tried to fix something, you set my hair on fire instead. I'll deal with it later."

Arianwen had apparently regained her composure by this time, and had begun to think.

"When I heard they would probably send someone to get him, I never thought they would choose me. I desperately wanted this to happen, but I didn't actually think- I should go see Vollomeer, shouldn't I?"

"I think that's what he intended for you to do after I gave you the good news."

Arianwen hurriedly stood up and grabbed her cloak off a hook by the door that Jeremi could have sworn hadn't been there before, but this was Arianwen; appearing coat hooks were to be expected.

"Jeremi, there's a casserole in the oven. Can you get it out in an hour? I don't know how long I'll be gone talking to him. Don't wait for me, just eat some while it's hot."

With that, Arianwen left the house, practically running, to go see her teacher.


The End

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