Prologue. {oo}Mature

Winter Holden is not quite popular. But not quite a nerd either. She is something in between, and everyone seems to like her. Even so, Winter has never been a person to fall in love. With sixteen years behind her, she has never been in love. And she feels proud of that. But when a suborn and hot headed Ace Connors decides to change the fact that she was never in love, Winter will find herself questioning everything she has believed her whole life.

Winter is the most unusual name you can hear. There for, the easiest to remember. Actually, not so much. Winter has been proven to be the hardest name to remember. Some people would even call me Willow or Danni (which actually makes no sense, but you have to forgive to that said person because he was high at that moment).

Still, people get it wrong all the time. There was a time when I wished to change my name to something like, Jessica. It’s simple, cliché and effective. Yet, people seemed to remember everyone named Jessica.

My brother had convinced me that someone, someday, will learn to appreciate my name for what it is. He was seventeen at the time, and understood the world with far more romantic eyes then it was really shown.

For some reason, I chose to believe him. Somehow, his words melted my heart, and for once in my life, I actually wished I was loved.

Ah, love.

Everyone thinks it’s so wonderful and the most beautiful thing in the world. Well, to me it is just another pain in the--- well, you know what I mean. All you get in return from ‘falling in love’ is a broken heart and wishful thinking that will never come true. Sometimes, a crazy mind is all that is left from love.

Even though love is the biggest aphrodisiac, I despise it with everything that I have. Loosing everything to gain a little piece of an illusion of being loved isn’t something that I’d do.    

I simply stay clear of love and that’s pretty much it.

Well, I used to, anyway.

Nowadays, love seems to find me on its own.

And I do not like it. Not one bit.


The End

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