Winter storyMature

It is about a group of friends

One day there where a group of friends walking to the park. The friends where called  Millie, Jaden, Onjali, Jessica, Oliva, Daisy, and Lauren. They where good friends even thought they  went to different schools. When they got to the park they all ran to the roundbout and went round in circles really fast. When they finshed on the roundbout they ran to the swings  you might think that anyother park has two swings but this one had seven so that ment they called all go on a swing. It was getting late  they decided to go and get an Ice Cream from the van when they got to the place where the truck was it wasn't there anymore. They decided to go back to Onjali's house and go and watch tv. When they got home her parents wern't in and the door was locked but luckily Onjali always carried a spare key around.

The End

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