Winter Solstice 2Mature

Happy holidays **&$%$!&^!#&si

11:00 PM, Christmas Eve

The dark van pulled up to the loading bay at the back of the shopping mall. After parking near the loading dock, four of us exited the van, hauling our gear out with us. Tonight's heist would rake in some of the holiday season's profits, which were sure to be high.

The plan was simple; break into the mall, then split up and crack the safe and steal some of the more valuable items in the department stores. After that, we would pawn the items and divide the cash evenly, then part ways and disappear without a trace. So long as everything went accordingly, their plan, and mine, would go off without a hitch. We gathered infront of the door to the loading bay.

"How's our man on the inside doing?" asked #1, the leader of our operation. We chose to go by numbers instead of telling each other our real names.

"Says he's just deactivated the alarm," said #3. "Should be opening the door right... about... now." As if on cue, the loading bay door opened, and #2 emerged. I could see the unconscious body of a security guard in the corner of the room.

The five of us moved through the garage and into the hallways, before emerging into the atrium of the mall.

"Alright, everyone go where they've been assigned, we meet back at the loading bay when we're done," said #1.

"I'll head to the security office so I can keep an eye on you guys," said #2. "If the cops show up, I'll let you know."

"I gotta take a leak first, I'll get to my spot in a minute," I said, heading off for the washrooms.

"Alright, but don't be all night," said #1. With that, the rest parted ways and went to their assigned station.

I waited in the men's washroom for about five minutes before exiting, and made my way through the mall, towards the security office.

Slowly I crept my way in to the office and opened the door silently. Sitting at the desk was #2, casually watching the monitors with his feet up and leaning back in his chair. I drew my knife and inched toward him. Just as I was about to strike, I noticed my reflection in a blank monitor; half a second later, so did he. He immediately spun around in his chair and tackled me; I dropped my knife. Each of us struggled to gain an advantage, before he aimed a punch at my head and I dropped down, causing his fist to hit the door. Him drawing back in pain was all the advantage I needed. I grabbed him, spun him around and threw him towards the monitors, and he crashed face-first into a screen, sparks and glass fragments flying everywhere. After he stopped jolting, blood began dripping onto the table and floor. One down.

I picked up my knife and exited the security office, then made my way to a sporting goods store. I entered the store and quickly took cover behind a jersey rack. #3 was busy breaking into the cash register. As I quickly made for the back of the store, I heard him swear, likely because the register was empty.

In an aisle near the back of the store, I found exactly what I needed; archery supplies. I quickly grabbed a bow from the shelf and strung it, then readied a quiver of arrows. I crept along the isles, staying in cover and peaking out around corners. I saw #3 strolling along the hockey aisle, likely just browsing and deciding that nothing there was worth stealing. As he slowly continued down the aisle, I readied an arrow, and released when he stood at the edge of the aisle. It missed. He swung his head about wildly, wondering what had just flew past his head, and readied his pistol after seeing the arrow. But as he withdrew his weapon, I had readied an arrow, and this time, my aim was true. The arrow flew forth and buried itself in the side of his head, sending him stumbling backwards and collapsing to the floor. Blood quickly ran from the wound in his head that the shaft of the arrow protruded from. Satisfied, I exited the store. Two down.

The jewellery store was my next target; #1 was sure to be there. As I came closer to the store, the sound of smashing class became increasingly clearer. #1 was obviously breaking open the display cases and taking the most valuable jewels. I rushed inside the store and hid behind the counter, peering out ever so slightly and observing #1. He continued to horde jewellery into a dufflebag, and didn't notice me as I snuck up behind him. Right as he went to smash another case with his crowbar, I yanked it out of his hands, and he stumbled forward with the swing he was about to take. As he fell onto the counter, I smashed the back of his head with the crowbar, and he went limp almost instantly. I dropped the bloody crowbar on the ground and left the store. Three down.

The last target was the safe, which #4 was assigned to crack open. I made my way toward the room where it was located, and heard the sounds of his power tools operating as he continued working on the safe. I casually entered the room just as he was opening the safe.

"Holy shit," said #4. "Motherfuckin' jackpot!"

"Looks like it," I said. He quickly spun around.

"Zero. The fuck are you doing here?" he asked.

"One wanted me to check on you, see how you were doing."

"Well, as you can see, I've made some good progress," he said, gesturing toward the vault.

"Good," I said. "Now let's get this cash hauled out of here."

"Hang on," he said. "You wasted the others, right? Like we agreed?"

"Yep, all three of them," I said.

"Good," he said. "Let's empty this safe and get the fuck out of here." The two of us began filing our dufflebags with the cash from the safe, and soon enough we made our way back to the loading bay and outside. #4 swung open the van doors and quickly hauled the dufflebags in the back, then closed the door when we were done.

"Well, that's it," he said, lighting up a cigarette and leaning against the passenger door of the van.

"Not quite," I said to him.

"What, did we miss something?" he asked.

"No, I didn't miss anything," I said as I withdrew my pistol from my pocket and shot him. "Just had to wait for the right moment." #4 writhed on the ground for a few seconds before going stiff, blood pooling out from underneath him. Kicking his body away from the van, I entered, started the engine, and drove away from the mall, satisfied with our heist.

As I drove away, I noticed the clock read 1:00 AM. Christmas Day.

"Merry fucking Christmas."

The End

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