Chapter III- First HourMature

    Staring blankly at the foreign letter, I struggle to make sense of it. “We have found you” Plays through her head over and over, burning itself deep into the folds of her memory.


    “Hey Becca! Your gonna be late to class!” Shaking my head quickly I acknowledge my friend Desiras’ warning.

    “I know I know…I’m coming…” My voice could make it quite plain that something was really troubling me.

    Letting out a nice long sigh, I began to speed walk down the hall towards my first hour, English III. The bell rang shrilly just as my right foot entered the door, in reality I wouldn’t…or at least shouldn’t be marked tardy, but Mr. Vansell seems to think otherwise. Mr. Vansell, being the tall yet old grey haired man that he is, would…and still does, strike fear into the average students heart. How? Well I’ll tell you how. He always has this annoyed look on his face, his mouth a straight line and his brown eyes always fierce, yet his brow would hang low and his grey hair falls into his face since he keeps it rather unkept. I’m not even gonna mention his personality, since it is rather rude.


    So per usual, I was marked tardy by good ol’ Mr. Vansell. Ignoring his glaring brown eyes I headed towards my seat in the back. It was rather easy to forget about all the troubles that had started off the day once I made eye contact with my High School crush… Koro Lindstroom, the cutest young man in the school who somehow retained super hearing. I swear my legs turned to jello once my brain processed that he was smiling at me with that oh-so-handsome smile of his…it was deadly.

    “Hey Becca…late again eh?” His deep voice vibrated the butterflies that flew about within my stomach.

    “Yeah, typical me huh?” I replied weakly since I swear up and down I was dying from his mere existence.

    “Tsk tsk…you need to work on that dontcha th-“

    Before Koro could finish his sentence Mr. Vansell interjected, “Excuse me for interrupting you two love birds, but would you like to share your topic with the class… Becca?”

    I swear he hates me…

    I opened my mouth to deny that I was talking to Koro but before any words could come out, Koro spoke up.

    “Well if you may Sir, Rebecca and I were just talking about tomorrows topic of the Scarlet Letter, but we can hold off if you so desire Sir.” The whole class turned and directed their eyes at Koro, they knew that his words were utter bullshit, but what mattered was whether or not Mr. Vansell thought it was bullshit.

    “Oh…well…ummm..” Very rarely was our Old Teacher at a loss of words, “Well have you read the next chapter? Mmmm?”

    Koro nodded, “Indeed we have Sir, I would tell you but I don’t think you want to spoil the surprise of Hester’s fellow adultery partner now do you?”

    Mr. Vansell glared at Koro then to me before his face returned to its regular state and he turned back towards directing the class.

    “Now class, if you could open your books to page-“ His monotone voice instantly left my hearing level once I looked over at my crush and saw a smug smile on his face.

    “That was simple” He mouthed, then he pulled out a sheet of paper and scribbled a few words across it, dropped it to the floor to imitate accidentally dropping it, then waited for me to pick it up and read it.  Stooping down, I managed to grab the edges of the paper and lifted it up to read: Walk with me after class, we need to talk.
My heart started racing and I prayed to God that my face wasn’t turning beet red.“What if he likes me? Maybe he does! Perhaps he wants to ask me out!! Oh my God oh my God!!”


    Fifty long minutes trickled by before the bell finally decided to release me from Mr. Vansells torture room, I stood up quickly ready to walk with Koro, but blushed when I realized how unlady like that was.

    “In a hurry much?” Koro asked with some amusement.

    “Oh…no…just, ready to get outa this class!” I tried to make it sound as casual as possible but my voice decided to rebel and cracked.

    “Ah…I see” He laughed while he brushed past me, leaving me standing there dumbly, “You comin Becca?” He glanced over his shoulder at me and I nodded.


    Walking with him down the hall was rather uneventful, until he decided to speak up.

   “So you’re probably wondering why I asked you to walk with me huh?”

Once again I nodded, barely able to contain myself.

    “Well…I wanted to ask you if you knew anything about the new students that came in today.”

    My Heart Plane crashed into a rocky hillside.

   “So…do you?” Koro sounded pretty curious so I spoke up, despite my crashed Heart Plane.

    “No….don’t know anything about em…do you?” I sounded dead, hopefully he didn’t notice.

    “Well I know Serino and Adima… Serino is from a school down South of here and he played football for that school. And Adima is from a Private School in Vancouver, she was pretty appreciated around there.”  He seemed to say his words slowly, as if he wanted me to understand some hidden meaning, but of course…me being a female with a major crush, only caught the word “she.”

    “Adima's a girl?”

    “Yup” He answered plainly.

    “How….old is this…girl?” I sure hoped he could hear the jealousy in my voice.

    “Eighteen.” We began to near my next class, AP Euro.

    “I see….do you actually..KNOW her?” Man..sometimes I hate being a female.

    “Nah, I merely know her face from T.V” He sounded pretty honest, so I was finally convinced.

    “Alright then…well, I guess this is where we part ways?” I really-times-ten hoped that he could hear the disappointment in my voice.

    “I guess, see you after school Becca” He took my hand and kissed it with his soft yet trained lips.

    “Yeah..see you then.” My Heart Plane was still burning in the mountain side.


     Koro and I parted ways as he headed off to Gym and I to AP Euro. My spirits were crushed and all I wanted was to go home. But I knew that wasn’t going to happen until much later in the day. Until then, I had to deal with the rest of this dreaded school day.

    Although one thing kept it on its’ toes…

…The new kids.

The End

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