Chapter II ~ The PaperMature

 I’m in the car heading to school, I would’ve expected a Watcher to have a really fancy vehicle of some sort but apparently I was wrong. Sitting here in the back seat of a falling apart 1999 Honda Civic, I begin to day dream of dying inside this POS.

“Alright Becca, this is the last day I’ll be taking you places anymore.” These were the first words Dell had spoken since we left the house.

“Wait…what?” I was morbidly surprised.

“You’re getting you license tomorrow, I’ll be taking you to that. But after that…” I noticed her silver eyes bearing down on me from the rear view mirror, “You’re gonna start taking yourself places.”

I open my mouth to ask the simple and most logical question I could form, “I’m not even 16 yet, so how are we gonna pull that off?” Yet as soon as the words form in my throat, we pull up towards the ominous school. Puritan High School is a rather sick name for this school, no one here was a puritan, or even pure. Rumors go around stating that this school was built atop a cemetery and is haunted, others say a great battle during the Alaskan War was fought on these grounds. Either way, I didn’t feel comfortable at this place.

“Are you gonna get out Becca?” I shook my head to clear my thoughts. “Is that a no?”

Realizing that I had basically answered her with a "no", I lowered my head and reached for the door handle, tugged on it, and when the door didn’t budge, I let out an embarrassed sigh.

“Doors locked until you answer me.” Dell has always been one for being strict and stubborn.

“Yes Dell, I’m gonna get out and head to class…” My voice was low in exasperation.

“Alright then” I heard the locks CLICK and I hurriedly opened the door, desperate to get out of such a small and confined place.

“Have a good day at school honey!!” My cheeks burned red hot every time Dell would say that, I swear she found a sense of sick pleasure from embarrassing me.

Grumbling, I replied, “Love you too mom…” I really didn’t love her like a mom, it was merely our private way of saying “Be safe, and if anything happens, call me. ASAP”And then my response would be“Alright Dell…I heard you the first million times!”

“She wouldn’t make a good mother at all anyways…” I grumbled to myself, unaware that the cutest boy in the entire god damned school was standing just mere yards away.

“Did you say something?” His voice was so magnificent; my soul would just lie down and die when he spoke. But I swear he had super hearing!

Stammering over my words I managed to spit out an answer, “, just talkin to myself, eh heh”

“Ah. Alright then, see you in first hour Becca” He turned back to his jock buddies and continued to carry on with their stupid discussions over football.

               “God he’s so…so hot…” I opened my locker after countless failures of getting the combination right. I never could remember the second number.“I wish he would just notice me…or…better yet, I wish I wasn’t so fucking awkward…” Taking my algebra book in my hands I noticed something float to the ground ever so slowly, raising an eyebrow I bent over and picked it up. Scrawled across the little piece of notebook paper were four words, written in some pretty sloppy penmanship but none the less readable.

“We have found you”

Sucking in a breath of air, which was oddly cold even though the schools’ heaters were working in overdrive, I couldn’t help but feel fear. The same fear from my nightmares. 

The End

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