Chapter I ~BeginningsMature

                Bolting upright in alarm from my sleep I frantically dart my eyes around the room, searching for the sound that awakened me.

                " was just my alarm...silly me...”  Shaking my head in embarrassment I reach over towards my bedside table and hit the snooze on my IPod. "I really need to take a chill pill..." 

                You see, I'm not used to being able to sleep without the fear of a Hunter barging through my wall and screaming its' blood chilling battle cry. I would spend countless hours every night sitting straight and rigid on my cot, listening to every slightest sound. Yet now I live with my Watcher, she is rather old if I were to age her in human years, but in a Watchers' year she is actually only 27. Anyways, I reside with her in the cold forests of Alaska near some town that you couldn't find on a map, much less Google Maps if you were curious. I've spent this past recent year here and I STILL haven't grown accustomed to the safety of this place, maybe it's because my father would tell me stories of how nowhere was safe for someone like me...he would tell me those stories and then stories of my dearest least while he was still alive.

                That's where the things that come barging through walls come in, their called Hunters. Scientifically engineered abominations that can't be seen by the human eye. No camera can see them, no human eye, nothing. Well, nothing besides Watchers and Myself. These Hunters look like huge walking tanks, but they move as quickly as a cute little squirrel, specifically designed to hunt, and destroy, people like me.

                That is if you could even call me a person...


                "Rebecca! Are you up yet?!" I blink in rapid succession at the sound of my Watchers averagely sweet voice yelling at me.

                "Yes Dell!" Her real name is Dellomira, but I call her Dell for short.

                "Well hurry up and get down here! Your gonna be late for school! Again!!" I can tell from the tone of her voice that she is rather annoyed about my constant being late for school every day.
                “Alright Alright!... Gimme just a few minutes to get dressed up!” I sigh heavily and let me feet touch the wool floor.

                “Well hurry the F up!” I shudder, frightened by the angry tone of my averagely calm protector. If anything was gonna be the death of me around here, it would be her screaming at me over my damned school work.


                “I hate school…” I mumble to myself within my mind as I stand and stretch, allowing the kinks in my arms and shoulders to work themselves out. “Sometimes I think it’s worse than Hunters trying to kill me…” Letting out a typical early morning yawn, I head over towards my wardrobe that I’m oh-so-lucky to have, and dress myself to greet my doom.

The End

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