Winter NightsMature

Rebecca Night is just an average teenage girl that goes to school in Alaska. Nothing to odd about that right? Wrong. Rebecca has wings, and her wings bring forth enemies. The once silent easy life of Rebecca, now spirals downwind.


Glistening snow blankets the Earth as the Full Moon rests directly overhead of the grand evergreen trees. Cold Artic air hangs silently and unmoving over the land, only breathing at random intervals. Sparkles dance among the sheet of snow as the air lets out a soft sigh, it is a beauty that only mother nature can posses and return. The soft sound of boots crunching in the snow resounds through the air and disappears into the surrounding forest.

Rebecca makes her way through the blanket of snow carefully in an attempt to preserve the natural beauty of mother nature. After all, she was always a nature girl. She comes to a halt in the center of a forest clearing where the stars are no longer obscured by the mighty arms of the trees and snow that chose to sleep among them. Letting out a small but quiet sigh, Rebecca looks up to the Winter sky and allows the natural beauty and wonder of the universe cave in around her. On her left she can hear the soft and barely audible sound of a Wolf weaving in and out of the evergreens in search of food. While to her right and back a few steps, the sound of a small winter animal makes way to her senses. She can hear the air breathing around her, and even the sound of snow waking up from its' resting spot atop some evergreen many miles away; leaping down to join the blanket that covers the ground.

You see... Rebecca is unique, not just that she is able to sense even the smallest of her surroundings.
She has wings.

Shivering slightly from the cold she allows her massive but beautiful wings to unfold from behind and reach out to the East and West. With a 14-foot wing span and the pure color of white tipped with tinted hazel, she carries a sense of angelic power; and beauty, with her. Rebecca shivers again as the surrounding air lets out a breath of surprise and curls up against her wings, the dancing sparkles now dance against her feathers excitedly. This is the first time in several months since she has unfurled her wings without the fear of being seen. Here in the dead of night, the middle of Winter, Rebecca is able to be her true self without fear.


The End

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