Time heals all wounds , or so they say...


                         Chapter 1

Our story start at the beginning, which is according to me a good place to start.

A dream , that is where our story begins, in the mist of the not so awake but not totally under. She could hear his voice but not see his face yet, it seemed to resonance a boy from the past , but that could not be, surely ?

"What are you looking at ?"

It was him, what was he doing here ? And why am I pushing a baby stroller ?

Dreams are so weird!

"I have no idea what I am looking at, you shouldn't be anywhere my dreams to begin with, we barely spoke while growing up. What are you doing here ?"

"Darling, always so funny. Where would I be if not with  my wife and child !"

My expression was one of shock and possibly fear, where was Rayner ? This was beginning to sound more like a nightmare." There is no scenario , dream or real we are married."

This off course is the time , the infant decides to make himself or was it herself known, by screaming... "Gggreat..." Sarcasm in a dream , that is a new low, I thought, but non the less the infant need  addressing." There, there" I say rubbing its tummy." All shall be well" I lied, panicking setting in. "All shall be well" More screaming.

"Maybe, you could feed him ?" I hear, from the voice I really could do with disappearing all together! "Feed him ?" So, it was a him, glad we resolve that mystery, I really need to stop with the sarcasm its not his fault I am sure (Right!, my brain screams in a sarcastic note).

"And how will I do that ?"

"You could try breastfeeding him" He says pointing at my ...blouse area, which has a wet patch very evident. Great!!! Now even my breasts conspire against me in my dreams, just f....perfect!!!

The End

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