Arriving in Kingston I descended the coach, remembering to thank the driver and started off into town. The American also got off and hung back, presumably to meet someone.

As I rounded the corner which brought me into Eden street, I literally bumped into Moses. Moses was famed for his outlandish costumes. Today was even more outlandish than usual as he wore a monk's habit, a bomber jacket and a wooden crucifix hung around his neck. Some called him mad, some might call him free. He certainly wasn't shy about sharing his opinions. Sometimes I'd go and talk to him on my break.

"You got a light" he said

I stared blankly at him

"I don't smoke"

"No girl, you got a light, in your eyes"

"Do I?"

"You see" he went on "you see this? he said holding the crucifix up to eye level

"Some say that Jesus died on the cross to save us, but me, I don't believe all that nonsense. Its all about positivity, its the plus sign he meant to give us. He just wanted us all to be happy, not tied down by all that negativity and pessimism and sadness. That's why the negative sign is just a horizontal line, if we only had horizontal lines life would be sad, we need the vertical line too" he proclaimed, the whites of his eyes gleaming triumphantly in his black face.

"um yeah indeed, you're right about that Moses" I said glancing at my watch.

I was tempted to question him about other geometrical shapes but knew that it would lead to a lengthy debate and was keen to get on and meet the girls at home.

"You got the light anyway girl, you gotta hang onto it, don't let it fade, I see em all with their fading lights and I try girl, really I do, I try to ignite them again for em, but I can't do it for everyone, I'm not that powerful"

The evening light was fading and a breeze picked up behind me and with it came the sound of rushing wheels on concrete. I glanced over my shoulder just in time to glimpse the American soaring towards us on his skateboard, his long hair floating as he snaked around us and gracefully towards Macdonalds.

"That one's got the light too girl, but I dunno, he seems a bit on the horizontal side."

"Yeah probably" I said, wanting to get a wriggle on, part of me wanting to go to Macky D's, even though I had a deep hatred of the place, I could just order a milkshake, that would be ok and he might notice me and my light.

Chances are, chances are, I'll walk into a  too brightly lit fastfood restaurant, waste a couple of quid on a stodgy bit of gack and walk out unenlighted and late. But chance is a fine thing, it can change the whole landscape of your life in just a few moments. What if this is my chance? What if I DO have a light?



The End

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