Chapter 4 Josselle;

"Where are we going anyway, I ask?" "It's a surprise, you like Ice cream right?" he says winking. Knowing where he's going to take me I say, "No, I hate Ice cream". "Wait, what?" he says. "Kidding, I love ice cream" I say winking. "Good", Says Matthew. This time he doesn't wink, he grabs my hand and holds it.

When we pull into the local ice cream shop, he squeezes my hand, one last time and gets out. I start  opening my door before he can get to it. "Well, I was suposed to be the gentleman and open the door for you", he says. I laugh at him, and let him open the door to the ice cream ship for me. We sit down at a booth together, and he says, "What do you want?". "I'm buying, anything". "Hmm.." I say. He grabs my hands from across the table, and holds them then says "Anything again". The waiter comes and I order first, "A small choclate frosty please". Then he says, "That sounds good, I'll have the same". We talk and get to know each other, until our ice cream arrives. I zip up my jacket feeling a little chilly. We eat ice cream in silence, until I accidently drop ice cream on my jacket. "Oh, opps." I say. "He grabs the napkins and hands some to me. He grabs more and trys to wipe it off my pants, hwile i wipe icecream off my jacket. I take off my jackt not able to get all of the stain out. when we are ready to leave we both stand up, he notices that I am cold, and drapes. a jacket over my shoulders, I put it on feeling much warmer, and say thank you.

We both get into the car and he drives out of the parking lot.

The End

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