Chapter 3 Matthew;

Chapter 3 Matthew;After Josselle and I get to the courts see, the two coaches, My princable and Josselle's princable, Mr. Marrow.They announce for everyone to sit down; I go sit by some of my friends, Jeffery and Arron. "What's going on?" I ask"I dunno, Bro, both the princable's just showed up" says Jeffery. Befor, I had a chance to respond, The princable's both stepped up to say something, unknown to all." We have changed arranges for all," Says Mr. Marrow. Then my own princable steps up, and says, " Mr. Marrow and I, have decided to take BOTH, tennis teams, and combine them, into co-ed."" You've gotta' be kidding me," says Arron. " We've have to work with them?" Says Jeff. " Sucks for you bro, I met one of 'em" I say." Woah, bro, which one?" ask's Jeffery." That one," I say, as I point towards Josselle. " Bet you can't wait to get your hands on her" says Arron." I know I wouldn't, " says Jeff. We all laugh." Be quiet, " Mr. Marrow, hushes us all.My princable began to speak again, " Mr. Marrow, and myself, will pair you up with someone from the oppisite gender."My princable, and Mr. Marrow, begin pairing us up with other students, I get paired with sevral other students, then i finally here Josselle's name, about two seconds longer until I here mine..

Josselle Bank, brilliant, I think almost instaniously.Josselle, makes a disgusted face at the ground, then turns and heads towards me."Looks like it just might be my lucky day", I say. "Yeah, just might be", says Josselle.We finally pair up as doubles and play a match against another pair, that in the end, we won.At the end of the day, we both made the team, we would figure out our pairing tomorrow.

I grab my bag and walk over to Josselle, "Hey", I say, "Good job, Glad you made the team" and wink at Josselle. "Yeah, thanks, your not too bad either"."Hey, hey, hey, We were doing fine before, chill out, Remember, I have that cuteish boy look", I say. "Yeah, she giggles, I remember and winks"."How about we go hangout, or something?, Celebrate we made the team, you know?", I say. "I can't right now, I have to walk back and call my father to have him pick me up, I wouldnt have a ride"."I can give you a ride", I say. "Okay", she says, and starts dialing a number on her phone. She puts the phone to her and when someone answers she says,"Hey, dad, I made the team, Can I go hangout with someone i met from the team?", "They can drop me off later, and all of my homework is finished". "Okay, thanks daddy, love you too bye", I hear Josselle say.She finally hangs up the phone and says, "I can!", she jumps up and hugs me, and I hug back. "Great, where do you want to go?", I say."Anywhere", she answers."Okay, come on", I say smiling and winking.

We walk around to the front of the building

The End

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