Chapter 2 Josselle;

Chapter 2 Josselle;

After school, there is, tennis sign up, unfortunatly, We dont have the tennis courts, We have the swimming pool.Anyone who wants to try out for tennis, has to walk over to Willing East Private, for boys. I'm leaving the school grounds, and I cross the street.Then I see a guy comming toward me as i walk on the sidewalk. "Hey he's says looking at me." "Hi I say, giving a quick look towards him then turning my head back forward.""Are you trying out for tennis, says, the guy." "Yes, I say, not that it's any of your buisness." "Well, I was just wondering, I could show you where the courts are," says the boy."Thanks, but I'd rather figure it out on my own." "It's a bit comlicated, just follow me, says the boy". He winks at me as I follow him.

"Fine, I say." "By the way, my name is Matthew say's the boy." "Hi, I'm Josselle." "I'm trying out for tennis too say's Mathew, Though, im pretty much gauranteed a spot on the team."

"I'm glad it's not co-ed I say under my breath." "You know, You dont have to hate me, We guys, arent big jerks, like you think we are,

We dont want to be treated like jerks either, Mathew says, Were only human you know."

"Well, as long as were on the same page, we arent huge jerks or sluts either I say, but, i was being a jerk a minute ago and, im sorry, I smile at him slightly as I say this."

"You are really pretty though you know, You've got the whole thing down, small and skinny, blonde, and blue eyed, and im guessing, very smart."

"Thank you, I say. You do too, The whole package im guessing, smart, muscles, and abs, short brown hair with, the cutish boy look, and green eyes, like...the grass."

"Thanks, he says with a smile and winkes." We walk in silence, the rest of the way there.

The End

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