Joselle meets Mathew, at a tennis meet, kind of ironic.
She learns, never trust the rich boy.
He may be hot, but he isnt nice, He'll get what he wants from you, then treat you like a bag of dirt, and send you to Hell.


With Josselle going to her private school, Willing West Private in, Willington Connecticut, with her very best friend, Kristle.The all girls school, has to have atleast a B average to continue going to the Willington. Across the street, is Willing East Private;The all boys school Willington Private school. Josselle, falls in love with wrong guy. It's hard for her to pick up her feet and get moving again,when she goes riding at her Uncle Jeffery's house and meet's the farmer boy from across the street.There will be two roads to chose from, the left, The bad guy; The right, The good guy, the right guy. She has to make a choice she isnt even sure of.

The End

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