Seashells and mollusks swept around Fai in a whirlwind dance of sea salt, sand glittered up, rushed in the compression of new matter expanding into existence. Fai needed to work on her destination placement. 
As the sun settled, glittering in her aquatic ceiling, Fai's light-headed disposition faded and she begun to swim to the surface to locate her self.
 Fai was too amateur at her work to consider going awol, yet here she was, in the sea on earth, ready to fight whatever stood in her way. Currently that was no more than twenty miles of swimming. 
She considered her options, it could be risky using her wings in daylight hours on earth yet seeing as she had already come here beyond authorization, she was in no place to objectively argue that she should follow the rules, after all, what had they ever done right anyway?
Fai was angry at the Hackers, whilst they're kind disposition was, for the most part, a positive mark on their creation, their meddlesome behaviour created a great deal of turbulence in the other world. She was angry at the Watchers because they showed no compassion for the suffering existence of others, perhaps because they were afraid of what they had created, or perhaps because they truly believed that it was the right thing to do.
Her body, sleek and toned, pulsed as two behemoth wings cascaded explosively from her back, instantly lifting her from the water and swooping thunderously. Fai was small and not very strong, her extrasensory powers, weak, but her wing span was incredible and she was known throughout the otherworld as the fastest of her race.
Covering a mile in just under a second, Fai was soon dry, and on land, her wings folded delicately into her back, a bizarrely strange performance that observed a defiance of spatial logic.
Fai had heard of a small band of renegade angels called the Luna Heretics, she intended to find them and consider their politics in this mess. Something had to be done, the war between Ra and Luke was inevitable. 


The End

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