Leon shrugged, enjoying the movement of muscle underneath skin, feeling the weight of the jacket on his shoulders and the friction of his hooded top against it.  Incarnating like this was probably the best bit of the whole experience; for ten or fifteen minutes every sensation was mesmerising.  He shrugged again, absorbed in the feelings of the moment.

A heavy fist thumped down on his back just below his neck, knocking him forward.  He stumbled, catching himself but still going down on one knee, and turned his head to look behind him.  Another fist punched towards him, and he jerked away, falling over sideways now.  He rolled, and kept rolling, flipping over twice before putting his arms beneath him and pushing himself back up to his feet.  Shaking his head once, he looked round.

A slightly younger guy, wearing a steel-studded leather jacket over a naked and bleeding chest and drainpipe jeans, glared at him, his fists still balled up.

"Wanna play rough?" he said, sneering.  "We can play rough."  He unclenched his fists and slipped a hand into his jacket pocket.  The smirk on his face turned to bemusement as he pulled out a black-spotted, softened banana.

"What the--?" he started, and then his puzzlement morphed into rage, and he threw the banana aside and himself at Leon.  Leon sidestepped, but then a hand in the small of his back pushed him back into the path of the mugger and he fell to the ground again, inexpertly rugby-tackled.

"Ha," said an amused-sounding voice.  "It's still your fight, watcher.  I'm just keeping it even."

Leon twisted in the young man's grip until he could see the back of his head.  He reached behind him, seized hold of his hair, and pulled as hard as he could.  The young man howled but tightened his grip, and Leon realised with a shock that he was manoeuvring to get him in a head-lock.  Realising he was rapidly losing leverage, Leon let go of the young man's hair, and as his head started to drop, smacked his hand against the tip of his skull as hard as he could, simultaneously pushing up with his hip.  The man's jaw connected with Leon's hip bone and his eyes rolled up into his head and he sagged.

"So you do have it in you to fight.  Well done, watcher.  Next time maybe I'll leave him his knife and see how well you do."

"We're ethical, not stupid," said Leon, breathing heavily as he struggled back to his feet.

The End

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