Chapter 6: Pain Only Rain Could KnowMature

*Eren's POV*

     I woke up in what I thought was Levi's room. My body ached all over and I couldn't lift my arms. As my eyes focused better, I noticed 2 people standing over me. I wrinkled my nose as one spoke to me.

"Eren! I'm so glad you're okay. Corporal didn't tell us what happened, but he rode in and threw himself off his horse before anyone could ask any questions. You've been in here since 2 a.m." Jean sounded relieved as he helped me sit up.

"Jean...what time is it?" I asked sleepily. I'd obviously had drugs in me at some point. What the hell happened?

     Jean, however, didn't answer my question. Instead, Mikasa walked up and sat on the edge of the bed next to me. Her red scarf sitting calmly on her neck as her hand outstretched to caress my face. I felt my eyes getting heavy, the last thing I heard was Jean calling Mikasa out of the room. I guess I slept for the next few hours, because the things I saw, or thought I saw happen, were pretty insane. I was back in the meadows of Wall Maria, my eyes barely open and my arms folded behind my head. 

     The sun beat down, but the willow tree above me filtered it through to my skin ever so lightly. I was about to fall asleep when a thundering pain erupted in my side and I was thrown against the trunk of the willow tree. I shook my head and propped myself on my knees, Jean was standing in front of me with his fists clenched. I lay my back against the tree and stare up at him, fear painting a mural on my face.

"J-Jean...what's wrong?" I somehow found myself pleading, as if my life depended on it.

"You know what, Eren! You know exactly what!" Jean screamed, picking me up by my collar and punching me repeatedly before dropping my body to the earth.

     I forced my arms to pick me up as I brought a hand to my nose. Crimson liquid flowed from my nostrils, and my face began to swell with violet and dirty yellow bruises. Jean picked me up by the back of my shirt, took some rope, and tied my arms behind my head to the only strong limb this failing willow could produce. My head felt too heavy to hold up. My body went limp as Jean forced my head up and backed away from me.

"Jean...what're you...d-d-doing.." My words were followed with heavy coughs and splotches of blood.

"Why, Eren?! Why can't you see?!" Was the last thing I heard before Jean burst into flames, screaming inaudible things while his body slowly fell to the grass, catching everything on fire.

     That's when I woke up, my body shot forward with a loud cry. Beads of sweat dotted my forehead and drenched the shirt I was wearing. My breathing was erratic, and I must have caught the attention of someone. I heard shoes pounding against the wood floor, and shortly thereafter the door burst open, revealing Heichou standing there, his eyes wide with worry.

"Eren! I came in earlier but you were asleep. Are you okay??" Levi pushed the door back and walked over to me.

"Levi Heichou...where am I?" I asked sleepily, placing my hand on his. I had finally noticed this was not his nor my bedroom.

"You're in Hanji's room, Eren. Her and Arming have been taking turns re doing your bandages and giving you more medicine. Do you feel alright?"

     Do I feel alright? What exactly did that mean? I knew I was in a lot of pain for reasons unknown, but did that mean I was alright? I'm not sure... While Levi was babbling on, my hand found its way to my neck where a bandage was wrapped. I brought my hand back out, and saw it had a faint red glint on it. I cut off Levi from talking, which was rare for me. Actually, anyone for that matter.

"Levi, what happened to me?" I spoke sternly, staring intensely at his grey eyes.

     Levi stopped talking, and turned to meet my gaze. He placed both his hands around mine, and sighed heavily.

*Levi's POV*

     Eren still hadn't woken up by the time we returned to the base with only my horse. His was thrown to the ground by a titan, after all. I had rushed through to the mess hall with him in arms, and Hanji lead me up to her room, followed by Armin, Jean, and Mikasa. She let him use her bed while she slept elsewhere for the night, which was nice. It wasn't until I laid him down on the bed did I realize my entire outfit was stained with his blood. I panicked and ran out of the room to wash my clothes, hoping Hanji could take care of him.

    I ran down the hall as soon as I heard Eren's cry. I was headed upstairs to my room, but my priorities overwhelmed me. I threw open the door and my heart stopped for what seemed forever. Eren was breathing heavily, that with a sweat drenched shirt and bloodied bandages made for a horrid sight.

   I walked over to him and tried to speak calmly, hoping to return his breathing to normal. But when he pulled his hand away from his neck and found blood on his palm, I knew my efforts were useless. My eyes locked with his olive orbs I'd come to love yet loathe.

"Eren," I staggered, "we were riding out, and a Titan grabbed you. You transformed, and I was forced to cut you out. However, I cut too deep into your Titan form's flesh..and grazed your neck." 

"H-Heichou...why're you crying?" Eren forced himself forward, obviously in pain.

     I hadn't even noticed that I was in fact, crying. This was so foreign. Emotions? I had never felt any before. My life that of a sterile needle. I brought one arm around Eren who was now lumped over in my lap, the other hand to wipe the tears from my eyes when our moment of solitude was interrupted.

"Corporal! You're needed downstairs, ASAP!" Petra called to me from the door. I could see her face turning a low hue of red from seeing Eren laying on my lap.

"In a moment, Petra. I've more important matters." I spoke, turning my head down to see Eren dozing off. Petra nodded, and ran back down the stairs.

     Eren had put both his arms around my waist and was knocked out in my lap. I smiled faintly, unwrapping his arms. I tilted his head back to check his bandages, and slowly set his head on the pillow and folded the blankets over him. Bending over, my lips met his forehead for a gentle kiss. I caressed his face for a moment before turning and leaving the room.

     I made my way down to the mess hall where I was greeted with multiple bodies. Erwin, Hanji, Petra, Armin, and Mikasa.

"Corporal," Erwin began, "there's a situation with one of our recruits. A mister uh- Jean Kirstein. He seems to have gone missing without leaving any idea as to where he went."

"Yeah! The last place I saw him was Eren's old room. His face was red and eyes were puffy... almost as if he was crying..." Armin added on.

     What the hell was that horse face doing?! I thought to myself. There are only so many places he could be unless he flat out left the base.

"Commander Levi, what do you propose we do?" Hanji threw in, she never took to calling me Corporal, for reasons unknown.

"We can't do much. It's about to rain. Is Eren awake yet?" Mikasa spoke through her ghastly demeanor.

"Guys. Stop bombarding me, for one. We will begin searching immediately, let me go get Eren. He's in and out of consciousness but if he stays with me it should be fine. Storms have never stopped us before, and they won't now. Everyone, go get geared up and saddled up. Erwin, prepare my horse, shall you?" Giving my orders, I turned and once again headed up the stairs to Hanji's room.

     Eren had gotten up and was standing facing the window. I forgot he was shirtless, so when I walked in my face went red a little bit. I knocked on the door frame, and Eren turned around to see my gaze. Limping over to me, he kind of fell into me. My short stature barely able to support his weight, I helped him upright and we walked over to the window together.

"Heichou, what did they need you for? I heard Petra call you, but...I fell asleep again." His voice was still drowsy, which I found kinda cute.

" know I love you, right?" I said to him, placing my hands on his arms.

"Y-yes. Of course. I love you too, Levi." His puzzled words were laced with traces of worry.

"Then you trust me will will find Jean. He's missing, Eren. And you're our most valuable key to finding him." I couldn't believe the words that poured forth from my mouth.

     I took Eren by the arm and began leading him out of Hanji's room. He was still spitting off questions, but I ignored them best I could as I lead him to his old room. We were there for a few minutes before he spun around and started the questions once more.

"Levi, what the absolute HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!" Eren yelling was a new thing for me, so my eyes opened a little.

"Armin said he last saw Jean in here, your old room, with a red face and puffy eyes. Look for clues or anything he may have left here. I'll be up in my room." I left Eren with that while I turned and left the room.

The End

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