Chapter 5: Truth is told in whispersMature

*Eren's POV*

    My morning was amazing. I woke up smoothly, and Heichou decided to surprise me with a day just to ourselves. I went down to my previously located room to pack up my things, and that's when I came across the picture frame. My fingers trembled in short spasms as my hand wrapped around the broken frame. My mother, smiling broadly, held me up in the air while Mikasa stood beside her. I started to remember, what she was like... her strong opposal of me joining the Scouting Legion. I felt like I was betraying her...

    During my horribly scheduled breakdown, Heichou tapped ever so lightly on the door frame, asking if he could come in. I looked up for but a milisecond, turning my gaze once again upon the picture. He came over to me, taking me in yet another embrace. I sat back down on the bed and wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. 

"Heichou... I'm sorry. I should be getting ready..." I choked, my mind still wrapped around the thought of my mother.

"Eren, no need to be sorry. I, too, have expressed loss. It tortures us just when we least expect and want it to." his voice was always comforting, and I lay my head on his shoulder.

    We talked for a few minutes before I noticed what he was wearing. A tux, but why? I stared at him for longer than I intended, because the smartass Heichou Levi I'd come to love was showing again. His smirked brought light to his otherwise dim face.

"Don't let the happenings of the past ruin the spoils of today. Now, come with me, Eren. We've got lots to do." his hand found mine and I was soon being led out to the stables.

    Despite my lack of dress, since I had interrupted myself with the picture frame, I was not up to par with Levi's attire. I made such comment, and he tossed me his jacket just before we both mounted our horses and I followed Levi to wherever he had in mind. We were roughly an hour away from the castle when Levi dead stopped in the middle of the field we were in. He looked over his shoulder to see my eyes wide with worry, his horse turned, and the look on his face was such I knew all too well.

"Eren," Levi spoke, "do you hear that?" I closed my eyes and listened closely to my surroundings.

"...Titans." I replied. Levi nodded, and both cracked the reins on our horses as hard as we could.

    We were heading for what I assumed was Trost. I remember the ordeal on Trost, it's only been 2 and a half years... I snapped out of it when I heard Heichou yelling fiercely at me.

*Levi's POV*

    Sweat seemed to pour endlessly from my forehead despite the wind whipping through my hair as my horses hooves dug deeper into the earth with each thundering step. Eren followed close behind, and although I didn't want to scare him, I'd notice Titans slowly following us since we left our base. We were roughly 3 or so miles outside of the gates of Trost when I heard him scream. I stopped my horse immediately.

"Eren!" I my voice but a whisper compared to the thundering Titan that picked him and his horse up without a care in the world.

    No response, all I heard from him were screams. My sight was impaired by the huge cloud of dust his falling horse caused with an unsatisfying thud against the flat terrain. I rode forward a little bit more to unhook my 3DMG I always kept on the side of my horse, and equipped it as fast as my hands could move with all their shaking. What... what is this... why... am I feeling this... is this... worry? As I ran back towards the Titan, I was instead greeted with a striking bolt of yellow lighting. Covering my face with my arms, I backed away. A grand sight was bestowed upon me.

"Eren... no..." I brought a hand to cover my mouth as my body dropped to the ground and on to my knees. Eren had turned into a Titan...

"D-don't worry! I'll get you out of there Eren!" I cried, hooking on my sword blades and launching the gear to grapple his shoulder.

    Eren had just torn the head off the other Titan, the sound of crunching bones and ripping flesh accompanying his roars. I used my momentum from swinging around Eren to spin rapidly, dicing my blades into the back of his neck but careful not to cut too deep, as I might damage his human form. His Titan body fell, me barely holding onto his back with my blades. I cut open the back of his neck, steam rising quickly as the Titan blood evaporated into the crisp air.

    Carefully cutting the muscles that bound Eren inside, I lifted him up, Titan blood burning my hands and staining my coat. I hopped off the corpse so it could disintegrate. Sitting on the waving grass, I held Eren in my arms. His eyes were still closed, and his body limp. I felt something begin to sting my eyes, and I blinked. What? Why am I crying? Emotion is so...foreign. I brushed his soft brunette hair out of his face and traced his jawline with my hand. Placing my forehead upon his, I spoke to him.

"Eren...I Love you. Please be okay..." I whispered, letting my warm tears fall upon his skin and drip down his neck.


The End

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