Chapter 3: HorizonsMature

*Levi's POV*

    Tch. I couldn't believe it. Eren was having a lunch date with Jean Kirstein. What was so great about him? It should be ME. I'm his Heichou. Whatever. Hopefully what I have planned tonight won't go badly. I walked by the mess hall, and Hanji could still tell I was upset. She sighed and faced Erwin, who stood up and walked after me. I climbed the 4 flights of stairs that lead to my room.

"Levi. We need to discuss something." Erwin said from behind me.

"-sighs-Erwin, what is it? I have to prepare for tonight." I opened the door to my room with my sleeve and let him in.

"It's Eren Jaeger, you haven't been acting quite right since he has arrived." Erwin spoke with a serious tone.

     I clenched my fists, not sure if I was able to tell the Commander what was actually going on. Inhaling deeply, I sighed and spoke.

"The thing is...I think I'm in Love with Eren. I don't know, he's just mesmerizing. I'm taking him out to the giant forest a little ways out tonight. Maybe that'll go well." I walked over to the window as I awaited Erwin's response.

"C-Corporal. I respect and stand by any decisions or feelings you may have towards Eren Jaeger or anybody for that matter. I'll leave you be and let you get ready for tonight." Erwin bowed quickly and left my room, shutting the door.

     I hopped on top of the wooden area in front of my window to glance out. There they were. My Eren and Jean. Laughing away like the end of the human race wasn't a possibility. Tch. Maybe I should take Eren out early...I pondered the idea, as I saw Eren and Jean leave the table and come back inside. Perfect. Maybe I'll see him in his room and announce the good news...I better head down there now. As I exited my room, I noticed Erwin already got people started on loading up the storage rooms.

"Remember, the one closest to my room is to be left untouched and empty." Everybody nodded as I walked down the stairs. I stopped at the second floor where Eren's room was currently located.

     Walking to his door, I heard low talking. Gritting my teeth, I focused more and only heard one voice. I sighed in relief, and walked over to his door, knocking on it. His footsteps neared the door, and I was greeted with the flawless sight of Eren's face. He smiled, and let me in.

"Eren. I have some good news. Erwin, Petra, Hanji, Armin, and unfortunately Mikasa are stocking up the storage rooms on my floor. I left the one closest to me empty. I want you to move your stuff in there." I spoke, as he wiped off his 3DMG.

"H-Heichou...That's an amazing offer. I'd love to." Eren's face lit up like a soldier with their first kill.

"Good to hear, Eren. We'll be leaving early. Finish cleaning and meet me out at the stables. Jean will get your horse ready." I spoke with a slight curve in my voice, and walked out.

     I caught Erwin walking through to the next floor, and asked him which room was Jean's. He told me last he saw Jean was in the mess hall. So that's where I headed. Maybe I could hint at Jean to leave Eren alone without dropping major clues as to why. Yeah, Jean was in there alright. chatting away with Mikasa, Armin, and Connie.

"Oi, Kirstein. With me, I need you to prepare Eren's horse." As I turned, I could sense Mikasa's glare of disapproval.

     Him and I walked outside in silence, but as we neared the stables he finally talked.

"Corporal, mind if I bother as to where Eren's headed tonight? He's my f-friend and I was just concerned." Jean stuttered, grabbing the reins to Eren's horse.

"Him and I are riding a few miles out for a one-on-one assignment. We will most likely be back before dawn. But don't count on it." I responded, clicking my 3DMG into place on my hips.

     The expression on Jean's face turned somber, and he finished saddling up Eren's horse just as Eren walked outside. 

"Jean, thank you. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" Eren was glancing down from atop his horse. Jean nodded and walked back inside.

"Come on, Eren. We have lots to do tonight." I tightened my grip on the reins, and him and I rode out.

*Eren's POV*

    I became more curious as to what Heichou had planned for tonight. We had been riding out without a sign of a titan for 2 hours. I started to zone out but snapped to attention at the sound of his voice.

"Eren. We're nearing our destination. Prepare yourself for dismount." He spoke, looking back at me.

"Yes, Heichou!" I yelled, picking up the pace.

     We dismounted at the beginning of this large forest and quickly led our horses inside. Levi took me to this small opening deep in the forest with lots of branches sticking inwards from the trees above us. He pulled out a bag from under his cloak and knelt down as he started taking out its contents. Two large blankets, some small snacks, and something I wasn't able to catch a full glimpse of, because he threw his cloak off on top of it.

"Eren, toss down your cloak and follow me up that largest tree in front of us. I want to show you something." I tried to respond, but Heichou flew through the air with his 3DMG.

"What could he possibly want to show me now...?" I thought to myself, throwing my cloak down and following.

     I found Heichou standing on a branch that overlooked the fields surrounding us. He looked at me and motioned for me to stand at his side. I was occupied by the sun setting and cool breeze causing the leaves and grass to sway, that it took me a minute to feel Levi intertwining my fingers with his. I could feel my face getting hot, but I glanced over to find him still looking out, but wearing a smile that melted my heart. We sat on the branch and watched the sun set for a while, then headed back down to our spot.

"T-that was breathtaking, Heichou." I spoke, still in disbelief.

"I came to this spot a lot during the beginning of my time in the Scouting Legion. It's peaceful, and I rarely see a titan this deep in the forest." Levi seemed to speak like he was from a different world. I'd never seen this side of him.

"Levi Heichou, I've never seen this side of you before." Still staring at him wide eyed, I helped lay out the blankets.

     We sat on the blankets and talked for what seemed like a lifetime. Levi seemed to open up to me, and me to him. We talked about our lives before the invasion, our days as trainees, right down to what we did as kids. After Levi told me something that made us both laugh uncontrollably, we stopped and his expression went somber again.

"H-Heichou, is something wrong?" I hated seeing him sad and upset, so I knew I had to make it better.

"E-Eren...I have to tell you something..." He trailed off, looking to the side.

"Yes, Heichou. Anything. What is it?" I put both my hands on his shoulders, looking directly in his eyes.

"I'm in Love with you, Eren." Those were his last words I heard before he planted his lips on mine, caressing my face.

"H-Heich-" I couldn't finish my sentence, Levi sealed it with another kiss.

      I was awestruck. Not just at the fact that Levi confessed his Love for me, but at how perfect this felt. It felt right to have him in my arms and to feel his embrace. He pulled away, staring at me and bathing my skin in his warm breath. I knew it then. I knew I was in Love with Heichou, too. We pulled away from each other and stared into one another's eyes. His were so perfect, I seemed to get lost in them. Levi opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by distant thuds.

"Eren! At attention! In the trees, quick! I hear titans..." Levi drew his blades and shot up in a tree that was near the beginning of our clearing.

"Heichou, wait up!" I called, which was utterly useless.

     Following him, I noticed a single 15 meter class titan approaching the forest. I waited for Levi to make a move before I did, since I didn't want to ruin anything. I finally spoke up.

"Heichou, should we do anything? It seems to be nearing where we stationed our horses." I was hoping he'd catch the hint of concern in my voice.

"Tch. Disgusting. Interrupting my date night." Was all he said before launching himself in the titan's direction.

"Oh, Heichou... What am I going to do with you?" I sighed and smiled, leaning against the tree.

*Levi's POV*

    The ride over to the forest was flawless. No sign of a titan, and the cool breeze kept us from overheating under our cloaks and gear. I finally came forth to Eren, but I guess it wasn't fair that he wasn't given a chance to respond. I just couldn't hold back anymore. We were finally alone in solitude, which was what I've been wanting. That is, until a stupid titan interrupted the silence. Bastard. I went off and took care of it though, and Eren and I sat back down on our blankets and began eating the small snacks I had packed.

"Sorry about that, Eren. Wasn't on my list tonight of romantic things...Tch." I muttered, wiping off my blades.

"Its okay, Heichou. I'm still here with you. When will we head back?" Eren sat hugging his knees to his face.

"Eren," I spoke hesitantly, "what am I to you?"

     He stretched out his knees and crawled over to where I was now sitting. He put both his hands on the ground for support and looked me directly in the eyes.

"Heichou... You're my everything." Eren finally spoke, his soft voice gracefully caressing my ears.

"I-I am...?" I asked, somewhat surprised.

"Of course! I've always admired you, even before my run-in with the Scouting Legion and Military Police. You were the one I looked for whenever you guys rode through the city going to an expedition." He planted himself on my lap and looked up at me.

     I couldn't believe the words that just escaped his mouth. Someone who secretly admired me for that long and I didn't even pay the crowds a second glance. Eren watched me from a distance, silently and in awe. I held his face with both my hands and smiled. Smiling still hurt. But at this rate I better get used to it.

"We should probably head back... It's almost dark and that poses a major problem. Help me pack the stuff up?" I asked, gently laying his head down and standing. 

"Of course, Heichou." Eren said, standing next to me. He folded the blankets and put them back in the bag.

     We threw our cloaks back on and headed for our horses. Sighing in relief that they were still there, we mounted up and headed out. The ride back was a little more antsy, we kept spotting titans in the distance, but luckily they didn't see us. We stopped for a moment to let the horses rest, and Eren and I help each others hand and watched the sun set on the far away horizon. We finally started back towards the castle, and I noticed Eren was getting tired.

"Eren, do you want to ride with me? I can tie your horse to mine that way you don't fall behind." I couldn't tell if he nodded or not, so I stopped both horses and did just that. 

"Y-yes, Heichou..." I heard him mutter as he jumped behind me.

"Hold on to my waist, Eren. We've got to get you home." I snapped the reins and pushed the horses to go as fast as they possibly could.

     We reached the castle about an hour and a half later, as Erwin and Jean greeted us outside. Erwin took the horses as I helped Eren off of his horse.

"Here, allow me to take him to his room, Corporal." Jean spoke, taking Eren by the shoulder.

"Tch. If you must." I said under my breath, walking inside.

     I walked up to Eren's floor to hear Jean speaking to him. He walks out and directly across from his room. Tch. I entered Eren's room quietly, to find him changing out of his cloak and setting his 3DMG inside his closet. I knocked on the door frame and waited for a response.

"Evening, Heichou." He spoke in his sleepy voice.

"Oi, Eren. Would you like to move your stuff to that room next to mine tonight?" I asked, walking in and shutting the door.

"S-Sure. I'm just... Tired." Yawning and barely able to stand, I helped Eren gather his basics and head upstairs.

     I yet again held his hand on the way up there, and I layed him down in his bed. Placing my lips against his forehead, I pulled the blankets over his body and left the room. Looking back, I whispered to myself.

"Eren. I swear, nothing will ever hurt you. You're mine."




The End

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