Chapter 2: BlindfoldedMature

*Eren's POV*

    When I woke up, I noticed immediately I wasn't in my own room. I rolled over to find Levi Heichou sitting up in the bed, facing the window. The window. It still had candles littered and it was still open. Last night came flooding back to me. Levi Heichou brought me in here and we watched the stars together. It was perfect...No. This can't be happening. I'm in his squad to exterminate the titans! Not develop a cliche love affair! I shook those thoughts out of my head.

"Levi Heichou...Good morning." I muttered, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

"Ah, yes. Eren, good morning. How did you sleep?" He walks over and plants a soft kiss on my forehead.

"F-fine, Heichou. Do we have anything on the agenda today?" I questioned, finally sitting up.

"As a matter of fact, yes. There's a meeting here soon. Nobody knows about it, I just thought today would be a good day for a meeting. Gather in the 2nd floor meeting room here soon. I'm going to head down for breakfast." He threw on his cloak and shut the door.

"...oh and Eren," Levi peered back in, "pick up the room before you're gone, okay?" he then closed the door for real and left.

     Heh, just what I thought. Levi leaving early so I would be stuck to clean. I stood up and stretched, forgetting I was shirtless. My body felt the cool breeze of a crisp morning envelop my skin. I walked over to the window and found a burlap bag to but the candle remnants in. As I finished up with that, I climbed on the wooden area to close the window. It skipped my mind that my half naked body was exposed to anybody who was down below. Which just so happened to be Mikasa and Jean. Of freaking course. It HAD to be those two...I heard them call up to me.

"Hey, Mikasa! Check it out! Eren's in the Corporal's room!" Jean cried out, pointing at me.

"What?! Which floor is it on?!" Even from up here, I could see Mikasa's death glare. She shot it up towards me and bolted inside.

"Oi! Come down for breakfast soon, Eren? I have something to tell you!" Jean waved and as did I, he went back inside and I swiftly shut the window.

     Levi has GOT to get some damn curtains for in here! I walked over to his wardrobe to get my cloak he brought in as I spotted a note. Eren, I had Armin bring up some clothes for you. Don't worry, him and I met downstairs so there were no hints dropped as to where you really were. These should fit. Also, you'll find a gift in there from me. Please wear this instead of your cloak today. The cloak is in your room. Which I cleaned spotless. ~Levi Heichou. I couldn't help but smile. He went through so much to make sure I was happy and comfortable.

     I took the note and folded it, setting it by the table next to the door. Opening the wardrobe, I saw the white undershirt Heichou Levi wore a lot, with the ruffled up neck. Everything else looked as if I had worn it before, just cleaner. I changed, and found the hanger that held the surprise Levi must've been talking about. A Scouting Legion jacket. Only the higher ups in the ranks had one of these. It bore the Wings of Freedom on the back and top sleeves. I gasped in joy, and quickly put it on. Perfect fit. I headed downstairs, putting the note in my chest pocket. 

"Oh, Heichou...I hope we can make it official soon..." I whispered, in a state of lust.

"Make what official, Eren?" A cold voice cut through the air. Mikasa.

"U-uh-uhm. M-Mikasa. When did you get up here...? More importantly...Why?" I was taken back, it scared the hell out of me that my sister of all people came up here.

"I saw you half naked in Corporal Levi's room." She wasn't moving from the entrance to the staircase. Her expression was grim and frightening.

"H-he wanted me to clean up is all. I-I swear. Now if you'll excuse me..." I squeezed passed her and made my way down the staircase.

*Levi's POV*

    I guess I'm still trying to wrap myself around all that happened last night. Eren and I stargazing from my bedroom window. The candles giving off small illumination in the night surrounding us. Time seemed to freeze, and in that moment...It was only us in the world. No titans, no "humanity near extinction", it was just us. My grip on my teacup started to slip as Erwin called to me. 

"Hey, Levi. Not get enough sleep? You're not fully attentive." Erwin questioned.

"Yes, that's what's it. Have any of you seen Eren?" I spat out, glancing at everyone. They seemed shocked I'd actually used his first name.

"Corporal, since when did you start calling him by his first name?" Hanji questioned, leaning over the table in my face.

"Tch. Can it, you guys. Has. Anyone. Seen. Him." I asked once more.

     Nobody seemed to know, so I went up to the counter to get some more tea. I felt someone tap on my shoulder and I turned around. Jean Kirstein. What could he possibly want? He greeted me with a salute and then spoke.

"Corporal Levi, I heard you asking where Eren was. Last I saw he was in your room." Jean spoke, louder than he needed to be. 

"What?! Corporal! Why was Eren Jaeger in your room?!" Hanji shot up, barreling towards me.

"Hanji, back off. Go babble to the others about your plans for the next expedition or something." I waved her off and exited the mess hall.

    Tch. Typical. I looked back at Jean and gave a thank you nod, and headed for the staircase. Eren came down just as I looked up, and picked up the pace towards me. 

"Heichou, when is the meeting?" Eren asked. He was wearing the jacket I requested him to, which made me smile.

"Decided not to have one. Come on, let's get you some breakfast. You can even sit with your friends if you like. And then come to my table." I told him in a calm tone, and he smiled in agreement. I caught Mikasa out of the corner of my eye coming from the stairs.

     Damn. Mikasa is here now. Hopefully she didn't see Eren coming from my room. That thought of hope was shot down as she shot me a glare of pure hatred. I dismissed it and walked back into the mess hall with Eren. He went up to the counter to get breakfast as Jean called from the back table.

"Hey, Eren! I saved you a spot here by me!" He called, waving an arm in the air.

"Be right over, Jean!" Eren called back.

"Tch. Jean better not lay a hand on Eren...That's disgusting. Another person's hand on MY man..." I thought to myself.

     I walked back over to where Hanji, Erwin, and now Petra were sitting. Hanji and Petra were babbling on about hell knows what, and Erwin looked at me with curiosity and concern.

"Levi. I see you found Jaeger. Are you feeling any better now?" He questioned, motioning over for Connie to bring me a cup of tea.

"Eren Jaeger and I will be riding out a few miles this evening. I leave you in charge to finish cleaning and unpacking supplies into the 6 storage rooms in my hall. But, leave the one closest to my room empty." Disregarding his question, I set my orders and sat down on the bench.

*Eren's POV*

    I was finishing my meal with Jean and Armin. Mikasa must've gone outside after our confrontation. Gah. She was so overprotective! Good thing Heichou and my friends were here to make me laugh though. Jean was acting strange though. Every time I looked at him or heard him speak, he just stuttered and put a hand over his face.  After Armin finished stuffing his face, he looked at Jean.

"Heyo Jean, didn't you need Eren for something?" Armin asked in a singsong tone with a smirk.

"U-uhm. Yeah. I had a question for you, Eren." Jean mumbled.

"Well, what is it? I think Corporal might have plans for me." I said, looking at Jean whose face had gone red.

"D-d-did you want to have lunch perhaps? It's a nice day and I figured we could eat outside..." Jean said in a muffled tone.

     I didn't know what to say, honestly. The fact that Jean had just asked me on a lunch date, and Heichou was looking back at me with a smug expression. I couldn't disappoint Jean, who had been there with me since training days, and I certainly couldn't upset someone like Levi. I looked down at the table and back up at Jean, who was still clearly embarrassed.

"Sure, Jean. Where outside do you want to meet?" I looked back up at him, and he was beaming.

"Outside by the table that's under the willow tree, you know. Near the path that leads out of our outpost." Tapping the table with his fingers, I noticed his forehead was dotted with nervous sweats.

     I dismissed myself from the table and waved goodbye to my friends. Mikasa walked passed me, but ran into my shoulder. On purpose, I imagined. I walked over to Levi Heichou's table where all the superiors were sitting. And then there's Connie. I sat down next to Heichou, and Hanji instantly turned towards me.

"Eren! The Corporal was looking for you earlier. He also informed us that you two were riding out somewhere tonight! He kept looking back at y-" Hanji was cut off.

"Hanji, ENOUGH. What Jaeger and I do is NONE of your business!" He slammed his cup down on the table.

"C-Corporal...I'm sorry." Hanji muttered under her breath. Levi took a sip of his tea and grabbed me by the jacket sleeve.

     Heichou Levi took me outside and put both hands against the wall so that I was in between them. Looking up at me, he spoke sternly.

"You and I will be riding a few miles out tonight, okay? Bring your 3DMG and cloak. I'll meet you at the stables after dinner. And before your little lunch date," Levi spat those two words out. "Prepare your horse. Got it, Eren?"

"Y-yes, Heichou. I understand." I felt my heart sink as he walked back inside and slammed the door. I sighed, and started to head for my room.

The End

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