Chapter 1: My Fallen StarMature

*Levi's POV*

    Yesterday, the new recruits arrived. Gah. I hate people so much. But, we did receive an interesting specimen by the name of Eren Jaeger. He is said to have the power to turn into a titan, but at the cost of inflicting self harm by biting his hand. I spoke privately with the Cadet, who was a lot more jittery and nervous than I had expected. Then again, I guess I am kind of intimidating. I made my way downstairs to where everyone was gathered for breakfast. As soon as I walked in, I scanned the room to find Jaeger. There he was, the back corner with his friends. Mikasa Ackerman, his sister, Armin Arlert, trusted friend, and Jean Kirstein, trusted friend. All part of the top 10 from their class. I made my way to his table.

"Jaeger. I trust you're ready for practice and lessons today." I said sternly, as everyone sitting there turned to look at me.

"Heichou Levi! I'm sorry, I don't recall there being any lessons today?" He wiped the food from his face as I shot him a fierce glare.

"Heichou?! I did NOT say he could call me that in front of people, damnit!" the thought raged inside my head.

     That's when the whole room froze and stopped talking. All eyes were on Jaeger's table and I. Gritting my teeth, he saw the frustration in my eyes and quickly stood. Sighing, he walked over to my side and spoke.

"Ready to receive punishment for improper title usage, Heic-Corporal Levi." facing downward Jaeger closed his eyes.

 I spoke through my tight expression, "Jaeger, follow me. Everyone else, resume your socializing and then get straight to finishing the clean-up on this place!" Emphasizing the last part, I heard muffled "Yes, sir's". 

     I led Eren to a small, wooded, and fenced in area behind our outpost that had nothing but a small shack and a few bales of hay. He looked quite confused and still embarrassed, so I decided to try and get him to talk.

"Jaeger. Did I ever give you specific permission to use Heichou in front of others?" I turned around, the hood from my cloak brushing against my neck.

"N-no, Corporal. I apologize. It slipped. I was just talking to my friends and i-" I stopped his sentence by putting a finger on his lips. He removed it slowly, and peered down at me.

"What, Jaeger? Did I do something?" Smirking, I put that hand on his face.

     By this time, Jaeger had a face red as pure driven blood. Surely I wasn't embarrassing him. I ran my hand down his neck and rested it on his shoulder.

"L-L-Lance Corporal...What are you doing..." Eren stuttered nervously, glancing at the movement of my hand.

"Oh, Eren...You're so fragile." I ran my hand slowly down to the center of his chest.

     What happened next truly shocked me beyond belief. Eren took both of his hands from his side and rushed them to my face. I could feel them shaking. He was nervous, that was without question. But he was definitely holding back. And this was not the Eren Jaeger I had heard so much about. He was magnificent, though. 

"C-C-Corporal...I have something I need to t-tell you..." Eren's voice stuttered hesitantly. 

"Oh, wait until he reacts to this." I thought to myself, grabbing the collar on his shirt and bringing his lips to meet mine.

*Eren's POV*

    My first morning seemed quite routine. Wake up early, put on a simple uniform, walk to the mess hall, and sit down for an hour or so to eat. When Levi Heichou walked in I tried to repress the redness in my cheeks by accidentally getting food all over my face. Although I didn't mean it, I called him Heichou instead of Corporal in front of everyone. Which I know, can get me in some serious trouble for title misusage of a superior. As he lead me outside, I noticed the area we were going to was quite secluded. We talked for a while, and he started to put his hand on me. I got nervous...Really bad. And then the explosion came.

"C-Corporal!" I exclaimed loudly, pulling my face away from his.

"Heichou, Eren. We're alone now, and I'm your Heichou." Levi smirked wickedly as he turned me around, throwing me into a bale of hay.

"Damn," I thought, "he's a lot stronger than he looks."

     Levi unbuttoned his cloak, tossing it to the ground with a fierce swing. I couldn't help but stare in awe as he ripped 3 buttons out of his white undershirt and leaned on top of me. By now, my face was overwhelmingly hot. He ran his hands through my hair and I felt his intimidating gaze upon me. I either got caught up in the moment, or I was actually feeling something for the Corporal. But what I did, I certainly didn't regret.

Biting at his lip, I whispered to him. "Heichou...I think I'm beginning to feel something..."

"Ohh Eren...You'll be feeling something right about now..." Levi gave me yet another passionate kiss, before leaning down to give my shoulder a playful bite.

     I shot up a little, startled at the feeling of his teeth against my bare skin. Opening my eyes, I noticed it was almost evening. Running my hands through his hair and pulling him up so we locked eyes, we stared at each other intensely. Who would've known. Me. Eren Jaeger, having love affairs with Lance Corporal Levi. 

"Heichou, we need to go inside. It's getting late." I finally spoke, wondering how the hell we'd been out here so long.

"Yes, Eren. To my room then. We can be in there until dinner. Got that? We won't go in the castle together. No need to arouse suspicion." His voice seemed to drag out the word arouse.

     As I stood to brush some hay off of my clothes, I noticed a hand glide across my waist. I turned to see Levi Heichou picking hay off of my pants. He walked over to pick up his cloak and stared back at me.

"I have a change of clothes for you in my room. Don't worry about it. I got uh...carried away." Levi gestured to my shirt, which was torn in several placed and had the string at the neck torn out.

"T-thank you, Heichou. I'll head straight up to your room." I spoke, blushing heavier than I had ever felt.

     Rushing to the front door of the castle, I had to walk by the mess hall. Mikasa, Armin, and Jean were helping set up for dinner. They all looked at me, trying to get me to come in there with them. But I remembered Heichou's request and headed for the staircase. Keeping my hands to my chest, I ran as fast as I could up to the 4th floor where his room awaited me. I got all the way to the door and attempted to turn it before I realized I didn't have a key.

"Damnit. Who knows when Heichou will be up here...I'll just have to sit and wait." I thought, leaning against the door.

     Time seemed to go on forever as I stood waiting for Heichou to appear from the stairs. His short black hair laying against his head, bouncing as he walked. I must have a knack for zoning out, because I couldn't hear my name being called from the staircase.

"Eren! Eren! Hey, Eren!" It was Jean. What could he be doing up here? Was it even allowed?

"Oh, hey Jean. Wh-what're you doing up here?" I was nervous again...not sure why.

"I saw you run off so quickly earlier. You didn't answer the door to your room so I figured I might as well check all of the floors." He scratched his head and looked to the side.

     By this time, I'd probably been waiting for Heichou Levi for 15 minutes. Jean and I stood in awkward silence as he finally blurted out that he had to leave and walked away from me. I looked at him closer and he seemed to be pressing his palm against his forehead repeatedly. That was awkward as hell...Hopefully Heichou shows up soon. I heard Jean's disappearing footsteps, and another pair growing louder. "Corporal." I heard Jean say.

     I stood straight and my mood instantly perked up. Heichou was finally here. I noticed once he reached the top stair that he had a bag slung across his shoulder, but was missing his cloak. Probably put his cloak in a bag to avoid getting hay and dirt everywhere. I thought to myself. He's such a clean freak. Oh, but I adore his quirks. He turned the doorknob with a white cloth again and went inside. I followed, closing the door behind me.

*Levi's POV*

    After my little run in with Eren behind the castle, my mind has been raging nonstop. What made me do that? Do I actually have feelings for Eren? Who knows. I couldn't let those thoughts dominate my mind. I found some small candles and matches, maybe enough to set a sort of mood. Hopefully Eren didn't think I was creepy...I look back at him and realize he's still in torn and tattered clothes.

"Eren. There should be a change of clothes in my wardrobe for you over there." I motioned to the large closet in the corner.

"Thank you, Heichou." Eren turned to the wardrobe. I let out a smile at the fact he called me Heichou. Smiling hurts. No wonder I don't do it a lot.

     I opened the bag I had brought up which contained my cloak that had been clean, a box of matches, and a handful of multi sized candles. I sighed to myself, a weight falling in my stomach as I heard Eren call me over nervously. I set the top of the bag back down as I look up to see quite a sight. I forgot Eren was taller and more built than I was, so I didn't take into account that my clothes were small on him.

"H-Heichou...We have an issue." Eren spoke, his arms bowed out and knees trembling. 

"Ah, Eren. The shirt is far too small. That will have to go. But with your pants I just need to cut them a little above the knee and you'll be fine." I kept looking down to avoid exposing the redness in my face. 

     The night had fallen and it was exceedingly difficult to see since the only light we had was moonlight, and I wasn't willing to risk turning on my lights. Somebody might walk in. Great wall Maria if Mikasa walked in I'd never hear the end of it...I finally found a pair of scissors and knelt down so that I could cut Eren's pants. He stood there, staring blatantly at the window.

"Eren? Is something bothering you?" I asked, finishing the last snip of fabric and standing up.

"No, Levi Heichou. Just admiring the night." Eren responded, stretching his legs.

"How about this...Go sit on the area that surrounds my window. I'll be with you shortly."

     I quickly grabbed the bag and ran to my closet. Hanging up my cloak, I waited until Eren was seated and I placed candles all around him. There was a little platform that stuck out from my window, perfect for sitting on. As he watched me line the area in candles and light them, I saw the pulsating light illuminate the red beginning to flush to his cheeks.

     Sitting next to him, Eren asked if we could open the window. Even though he was shirtless, I obliged. I opened the 2 large glass pane windows so that the night breeze could fill the room. Eren sighed in happiness and looked at me.

"Heichou, this is marvelous. I'm more than honored to share a moment like this with you." His warm smile made my heart skip a beat, and his silken voice wove itself through the air.

"O-of course, Eren. Wouldn't dream of having anybody else here..." I replied to him, and he put his arm around me. Drawing me into his embrace.

The End

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