Eren Jaeger has recently joined the Scouting Legion, and hopes to rise in the ranks in order to destroy every last titan. But with the certain attention of Lance Corporal Levi, will his motives soon change? Will Eren throw away everything to save the one dearest to him?

EREN JAEGER BACKSTORY: I'm Eren Jaeger. And the time has finally come for me to fulfill my dream of joining the Scouting Legion. I turned 17 today, which is just perfect. I've had my eye on this since I was a child. Since that brutal day in the year 845... Since my mom... Ugh. I'm getting off track now. I hear since the Scouting Legion knows of my titan abilities, I get to have a first hand meeting with their leader, Lance Corporal Levi. I'm nervous. I mean, Levi is humanity's strongest and I get to meet with him ALONE. 

*Eren's POV*

    I was escorted by the Scouting Legion's second in command, Commander Erwin. He leads them with Levi, I hear. We left the walls about 2 hours ago, and just now arrived at the Scouting Legion's hidden outpost. It was busier than I imagined. Soldiers bustled around outside in their green cloaks, bearing the Wings of Freedom on the back. I stared in awe from atop my horse at what was to become my home from now on. A castle like building, with horse stables outside. I must've zoned out for a while, because I yelped at a sharp pain in my leg, still hanging off the horse.

"Agh! What the hell was that?!" I growled, looking around for the source.

"Down here, incompetent brat." The voice spoke. Surprisingly velvet, I glanced down.

    There he stood. Well, I think he was standing. The man was so short I almost mistook him for a child. Lance Corporal Levi. I dismounted, and had to lean back against my horse to keep from crouching down to look at him in the eyes. His eyes. They were shockingly light in contrast to his hair color. His hair, short and choppy fell on his face. Again, I must've zoned out. Due to the awakening I got.

"Jaeger! Is something distracting you? Do we need to head inside?" Levi questioned, his voice seemed to be the only thing despite all the ruckus going on.

"U-uhm...No, Lance Corporal. I'm f-fine. We can go inside whenever you're ready." 

"What the hell?! Why was my voice so rugged?" I thought.

"Thank Commander Erwin, he brought you here on your official horse. That's right, even a Cadet brat like you gets a horse." He gestured to Erwin who led the horse to the stables, as he put his hand as close to my shoulder as he could.

     Him and I walked inside the castle-like building. All the soldiers inside stopped their cleaning and looked at me. I even caught a couple laughing at the height difference. Levi glared at them, and everyone went back to cleaning. The stairs we had to climb were treacherous and awkward. Him and I didn't speak the 4 or so flights we climbed. We finally reached a hall with only 3 small doors on either side and one bigger door at the end.

"These are mostly storage rooms here," Levi spoke. "And this one on the end...Is mine." We walked to the door as he opened it with a cloth around the knob.

"This is impressive, Corporal. I'm honored to be in your squad." I did a quick salute, and relaxed.

     Levi unbuttoned his cloak and hung it up. He stretched his surprisingly long arms and sat down behind his desk, which was in front of a large window. He placed both arms on his desk, and rested his chin on his hands. Nodding his head, I guess he had expected I pick up the hint to come sit across from him. But, being new and all, I didn't want to assume.

"Jaeger, were you not schooled? Take the hint and come sit down." Wow. Levi was a lot sassier than I had heard.

"Oh, uhm...Yes, Corporal." I muttered, walking over and taking my seat.

     Levi stared at me for what seemed like an eternity. The sun of an afternoon summer's day shined in, making his eyes glisten and hair shine. Ugh. What am I saying? It's like I'm starting to FEEL something. The silence finally broke.

"So. Jaeger. What is your reason for wanting to join my Scouting Legion?" He put his hands down, folding his arms on his chest.

"To exterminate the titans, sir!" I instinctively responded.

"Ah yes. Ambition. I like that." Levi spoke, leaning forward in his chair and putting both hands on the desk so that he was practically in my face.

"Corporal Levi? Is there something you need in particular...?" I started to get hot from how close he was, also the fact that the sun was pretty much shining directly on both of us.

"You can call me Heichou." He whispered seductively, putting a single finger under my chin.

The End

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