Great Day


Chapter 14

Great Day

After the 'meet up' we all went for a walk in the park just to cool off and get Adriana properly comfortable with our 'group'. It was fun actually. She was a very attentive listener and she laughed easy even at Toby's stupid jokes. Leah told her all about her recent 'horse obbsession' and Tracy taught her how to do a cartwheel. (Must be a girl thing because I really don't get it.)

When our enjoyable walk was over we headed to a cafe for some lunch. We were starved and we all scarfed down our lunch quickly. Then we headed around town and just hung out. It was pretty cool. We looked in shops and restraunts and Joey bought us all ice cream.

Adriana made me feel more relaxed. It felt like she belonged there. I decided to mention to the others that she was officaly 'in'. After awhile it began to get late and we walked past each house and our group gradually shrank to just me and Adriana. We went to the school and got Ana. She skipped along between us as we headed out.

We took her around town for the evening to get her some dinner and simply to occupy some time. She was giddy with excitment and was casually singing songs as we paraded the streets. But like all little kids she grew tired and I ended up carrying her back to the apartment.

She was sleeping by the time we arrived and I snuck in and gently plopped her on her bed. I gave her a soft kiss on the forehead and shut the door quietly. I walked Adriana to her room as we joked about the days events. The gang had gotten her to loosen up quite a bit about ditching. Either that or she was keeping it bottled up inside.

When we were inside she moved about the room quite naturally fetching us a snack. We sat quietly for a time, just munching on goldfish when I realized that Ana had a bad habit of waking up during the night and I best go so she doesn't flip when i'm not there.

I stood up and apologized and explained about Ana. She told me that she completley understood. We walked over to the door and once i'd crossed to the outside she said "Thanks." I was a bit confused. But I put on a smile and asked "What for?" "For helping me today. It was one of the best days ever and i'll never forget it." She was smiling at me. I made some excuse I didn't really hear and she laughed and said "It was great. Thanks." Then on a quick impulse I leaned forward, cupped her face gently in my hand an kissed her. It was a short brief touch but it left me wanting more. I left quickly, trying not to look behind me.

That night in bed I thought the kiss through and through. I memorized the details so thouroughly that if someone opened my head and saw my brain that scene would play to them. At that moment, I wondered what she was thinking.

The End

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