Getting To Know Somebody Better


Chapter 12

Getting To Know Somebody Better


We started eating dinner and i couldn't say I had the best time of my life at that moment. We didn't talk to each other, we acted like the other person didn't exist. I didn't like what was going on.

I got up, pushed the chair away from me making a screeching noise on the floor. Adriana looked up at me in surprise and muttered, "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to figure out why it's so hard talking to you when i figured out Ada was actually Adriana, the person who i had tried getting to know, but never got the chance to because she pushed me away."

Adriana looked down at her food and muttered after what seemed a long time, "I'm sorry."

My gaze on her changed from stern to concerned to soft. I walked over to her and took hold of her by her shoulders.

"I just want you to know that Ray and Raphael are the same. Don't treat them like they're different cause they're the same, they're one. Alright?"

She looked up at me and nodded.

I sighed, and said, "I guess i should get going. I've stayed a long enough time here. Anastasia's going to be wondering where the hell i am."

I turned around and started walking to the door and in a flash, Adriana appeared in front of me.

"But you practically didn't touch your food. It took me a long time to make it. Please eat some and leave."

I stared at her in front of me, sighed, then turned around and sat down.

"I guess I'm kind of a 'softie' towards girls. That makes me listen to them."

Adriana grinned and sat across me but this time, there was something between us that made me feel comfortable with who she was.

The End

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