Chapter 10



Who was this stranger? That question had been killing me for so long. We had both agreed to not meet eachother for some time. I don't even remember who laid that condition but everytime i hear her voice i feel like i'm getting punched in the gut. I know where she lives too...Anastasia told me. I walk by her  apartment everyday trying to decide whether or not to break the rule and just meet her...but i've got to keep my word right?

My friends are getting me even more hyper about meeting her. The first time when i started talking about her they were all like 'that's interesting'.

But all i do is talk about her everytme i meet up with them and now they're all like "are you falling in love with her?"

Well am i? I'm completely lost in another world now. I'm just so confused...the only part of me that's staying in this world is still trying to get to know Adriana. She's not giving me a chance though.

We talk a bit sometimes but that's it...

Right then i looked at my mobile which started ringing...the contact name showed "Ada".

"Hi!" I said.

"Hey! What's up?"

I felt a bit happy to hear her voice..we hadn't talked for some time.

"Nothing much. Except...look i want to finally meet you. I know it's a sudden request but-"

"Me too," she interruptted, "i finally want to see who you are and talk to you face to face."

"Great!! Where do you want to meet?" I asked, thrilled by the idea of finally meeting Ada.

"Well...what about you come over for dinner? You know where my room is and well i'm making spaghetti and meatballs, and also macaroni and for dessert caramel custard."

"I don't care about the food. i just want to meet you."

"Alright then. Can you come over at about 9 pm?"

I looked at the clock. It was 7 now. She probably needed time to cook.

"Sure...see you then!"

I clicked off the phone and stared outside the window. I was finally going to meet her. FInally going to meet the unknown person. But of course, she won't be unknown anymore...

The End

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