Unseen Friendship


Chapter 8: Unseen Friendship


It’s really shocking how fast time can go. School started at August for us and now it’s December! I’m now in vacation and I’m not going anywhere out of the country. Many of my classmates were. It was really unfortunate that the ‘Cullen family’ wasn’t one of them,


During the time between August and December, I had figured out that Raphael is actually one of the ‘brothers’ in the ‘Cullen family’. I also figured out much more about him…


I wrote a complete list about him in my diary and this is it:




  1. One of the most popular people in school.
  2. Really famous among girls.
  3. Role model among geeks and jocks.
  4. Is the most smartest boy in class.
  5. Sarcastic and annoying personality.


I had had a couple of conversations with him and he didn’t seem that bad but after that, I let it drop. I didn’t want to be friends with anyone in the school. I mean, I’m a SOCIAL PARIAH!!! Why was he so anxious to get to know me?


During the whole school year though, I had been keeping in touch with the mysterious brother of Ana. He called me everyday and we talked for a while. We gave each other fake names so we could keep the suspense if we really did know each other. He called me Ada and I called him Ray. He also sent me SMS and letters [letters which were sent through Anastasia].


I don’t know why but I just really wanted to know this guy. I could call this relationship an ‘unseen friendship’. I mean, we’ve never seen each other but yet we stay in contact with each other. Anastasia has been thrilled by what’s happening. She likes the suspense. She also told me many things about her brother that increased the desire to meet him even more.


Anastasia kept saying that he never scolded her and helped her with her homework and did many nice things to her. His affection toward Ana is what made me like him even more.


I know I could’ve just walked over and come into his apartment and seen him, but Ray and I promised each other that we should keep the suspense. It’s killing me though.




The End

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