Chapter 7: Conversations


I had just returned home from the conversation I had just had with Adriana in the park. To my utter surprise, she was talking with me for some time but then she gave an [I think] excuse that she needed to go home and prepare lunch. After that I went to the café and she went home.


I didn’t know that she lived nearby. But it was great seeing her.




“OW!!!!” She screamed.


“Leah! Stop it! It’s a teeny injection!” I said holding her hand.


“To you it is! To me it’s poison!” She said. Her hand started getting sweaty buy I didn’t let go.


When I received a call from her and she told me that she had gotten a big cut, I had imagined flowing streams of blood. But later on, I had figured that she had exaggerated. But the doctor still said that she had to get the injection so it didn’t become septic.


“It’s burning!” She said, letting go of my hand and yelling into the air for just a small injection.


My face fell into my hands and I couldn’t believe the Leah I knew was so afraid of a small needle. She was the Leah who once held a snake in her hand without fear. And she’s scared of an injection? Unbelievable!


I went out of the room, ignoring her screams. In a few minutes, she’d be alright.




I flipped close my mobile and smiled.


I had just called the girl who Ana had been talking about so much. Ana had gotten the girl’s number for me just incase I wanted to talk to her. So I had called her and thanked the girl for everything she had done for Ana.


It was so weird that after I talked with the girl, I felt so…happy…I didn’t know how to call it. It was just SO weird…



The End

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