A Surprising Call


Chapter 6: A Surprising Call


I had had a wonderful time with Anastasia who had come over for lunch when she received a call from her brother who told her that he wouldn’t be able to make it till night time.


She’s really fun to be around and is optimistic about everything [unlike me]. She said that I was a great cook and I should become a ‘chef’ in that café nearby. We had a nice time eating dinner together and then she went back home. It’d really be great to have a young sister like her.


But that was all yesterday. I was now in the park, wearing the same type of clothes as yesterday, sipping coffee. I had decided to come hear for a walk and that had become a great idea as the weather was great.


Suddenly, while I was lost in my thoughts, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was and found myself staring into Raphael’s face.


“Hi,” he said.


“Goodmorning,” I said, turning back around.


He came and sat next to me and started making conversation.


“How are you?” He asked me.


Usually when he tried talking to me, I ignored him but surprisingly, I started replying.




“Everyone is during a weekend.”


“Yeah but you know, I come out for some time usually just to get a breath of air and the weather seems nice today. So I came to this park.”


Raphael looked a bit surprised that I was talking to him but he didn’t let go of the opportunity.


“You live nearby?” He asked me.


I nodded.


Right then, my mobile rang and I checked to see who it was. The screen said “Mom”. I disconnected the call and turned off my mobile. Raphael’s eyebrows went up, seeing this but he didn’t ask any questions related to what had happened.


I got up and walked toward a trash can where I dropped the empty plastic cup of coffee. Raphael followed me and tried talking to me even more, seeing my good mood today morning but I told him I had to go home and prepare lunch. First he offered to walk along with me but I told him that’s fine.


I had a pile of homework to do and it’s better I got home quicker.




I had finished eating lunch and doing my homework. Anastasia had called once and we had talked for a while. She said that her brother had been asking about the “stranger” a lot. I wasn’t surprised.


After that, I went out to the restaurant where I had a quick dinner of Indian food; some butter nan and chicken gravy; then I walked back home. Right then, I got a call.


It was a number I couldn’t identify. I didn’t know whether I should pick up and talk or not? Could it be a prank call? In the end, I decided to talk to the person who had called cause it might be some kind of emergency.




“Hi, I’m Anastasia’s brother talking. I just wanted to say thanks again.”


I smiled.


“Oh it’s ok...are you at home now?”


“Nope, out again.”


I started getting a bit angry.


“You know, you should stick around more at home with Anastasia. I mean, she’s just a kid. And she also doesn’t have parents…you’re the only person she depends most on. How’re you going to take care of her if you don’t even stay at home?”


He laughed.


“I usually do stay home, it’s just one of my friends wanted me to come with her to the hospital. She’s really afraid of doctors and she just got a deep cut by sharp metal. When she called and told me what had happened, I told her that it’s better she gets an injection so it doesn’t get septic. She was really scared so I had to leave Ana at home and go take her to the hospital.”


My anger decreased at this and I said, “Oh, that’s ok. You’re not lying are you?”


“No, not at all. You can go and ask Anastasia if you don’t believe me.”


I didn’t reply for some time, considering the option.


“But thanks again for everything. She told me she had had lunch at your apartment yesterday and I wanted to thank you for that too. I mean, I haven’t even see you and your helping my sister.”


“It’s okay then. Tell your girlfriend that the stranger said hi.”


He laughed and then said, “She’s not my girlfriend. Just a good friend of mine from school.”


“Oh alrighty then. Bye,” I said then disconnected from the call.


I don’t know why but somehow, I enjoyed talking to him.




The End

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