Chapter5: Stranger


I don’t really want to get into the details of what happened with Adriana. But I can certainly say that it didn’t go as good as how I wanted it to go. I had helped her with the materials and then tried talking to her on the way to the cafeteria but she ignored me completely. I couldn’t say that moment was a ‘dream come true’.




Joey and Toby had invited me the following weekend to a party that they were holding over at their house. I decided to leave Anastasia at her friend’s house where the parents agreed to take full responsibility of Anastasia. Trusting them, I left Anastasia there and headed over for the party.




“Raphael! Great that you made it!”


Justin put an arm around my shoulder and patted me on the back. I had mainly come to his party just to catch up with a few family friends of Joey and Toby. Justin’s Joey and Toby’s cousin. I can’t really call him such a good friend like the others are but he’s someone to get to know.


“Yeah, it is great,” I said.


We hung out for some time together where we caught up with each other. Usually Joey and Toby hold parties during night time but they had invited me to a get-together during the morning. I had headed over to come here at 8.00 and now it was 10.00.


Right then, I got a call.


“Yeah, who is it?” I said into the phone.


“Anastasia. Raphael, I need to tell you something.”


I frowned.


“What happened Ana?” I asked her.


“Well, you left me at Stacie’s house. Weill I went to the park with her and I was playing around and everything. Halfway, she said she had money and she’d go and get some ice-cream for both of us. I waited for a long time, an hour. But she hadn’t come back. I was also scared to go back to the apartment complex alone. I searched the whole park but I didn’t find her. So I sat on a bench next to a girl. Then she asked me what was wrong. And first I was confused cause she’s a stranger but then I told her and she said she lives in the same complex! She took me home!”


“Oh that’s great!” I was relieved. Whoever this person was, I wanted to talk to them.


“Can you give the phone to the girl?”


Shortly I heard a voice.




I thanked the girl for everything and soon she gave the phone back to Anastasia who said bye.


I was a bit angry at the family I had left Anastasia with. So I called the father’s number but it said the phone number does not exist. I tried 2 more times and it still didn’t connect to the network. So I called the mom’s number and they picked up.


“Raphael, I’m really sorry about Anastasia!” The mom’s voice said frantically.


“Sorry? Why’d you leave her?”


“When I was buying ice-cream for Stacie and Ana, I suddenly got a call from Grace Hospital saying that my husband was admitted their because of a car accident.”


“Is he alright?” I asked.


“Yes, he just broke a leg. You know these men, drunk and crazy!” Stacie’s mom said.


I laughed and then said bye.


I just hope Anastasia was going to be able to deal with herself for some time because I was planning to come home late at night.


But I do wonder who that stranger is…



The End

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