Chapter 4: Meetings


I found it really weird when my friends told me about their sudden meeting with Adriana. They hadn’t really expected to see her in the café, they had said. I just wish I had been there to also try and talk to her.


I didn’t come to school the next day, just stayed back to clean my apartment which was a mess. I’m an orphan who never got adopted, so the adoption centre where I had been had paid the school money to put me there. Since then, I had to get my own job and start getting money myself for school. The adoption agency still helped me but lesser and lesser once they saw I could manage myself.


Even though I don’t have a family, I can say that I have a little sister. Her name is Anastasia and she’s also an orphan. When I had decided to get an apartment and live by myself, the adoption agency had asked me to claim her as my sister and take care off her as part of my own family.


I decided to help Anastasia and as she moved along with me into the apartment, we started becoming good ‘buddies’. I can barely say I treated her like a sister, more like my own daughter. I visited her everyday during lunch time at her homeroom and made sure everything was alright.


When I stayed back today to clean the apartment, she had insisted to help me but I sent her to school. After all, today was her favorite Show and Tell and I didn’t want her to miss it. I wanted her to enjoy her 3rd grade school year.


It took me a long time to clean the whole apartment, especially Anastasia’s room. When I finally finished it, I headed over to school. Right then, the bell rang for lunch time to start and I headed over to the Riverdale Elementary School Building. Since the elevator was out of order, I used the stairs and reached the 3rd grade homeroom.

Anastasia usually never went out of class to play during lunch, they had an attached play room inside the classroom itself where Anastasia usually went in and played with the toys they had there. She was really popular in her class and sort of had a gang like mine. Except it was 2 boys and 2 girls [one of the girls being her].


I walked into the playroom and saw her.


“Raphael!” She yelled and ran over to hug me.


I took her in my arms and threw her up in the air and caught her.


“Ana! How’s the day been going?” I asked her.


“Great!” She said giving throwing her arms around my neck and squeezing the life out of me.


She soon let go and I let her down on the floor.


“Did you finish cleaning up the apartment?” She asked.


I nodded and said, “Don’t worry about that. How did Show and Tell go?”


She started giving really specific details about everyone’s Show and Tell object, especially about hers. She told me a lot more before letting me go to the cafeteria to eat.


Before I went, I ruffled her long scarlet hair and told her to have fun. She kissed me on the cheek and then went over to her friends who had been patiently waiting. As I walked out the 3rd grade homeroom, I thought about Anastasia who hopefully in the future, might actually get a real family. There was obviously no chance that someone would adopt me now cause I’m practically in 9th grade and can handle myself. It’d be good for Anastasia to get a family in young age herself. So before claiming Anastasia, I had told the orphanage to give my address to parents so they can visit Anastasia.


I made sure that if they were to visit, it was when Anastasia wasn’t in the apartment. She doesn’t even have an idea of getting a family. She seems to want to stay with me. But I want her to have the things that I don’t have.


Right as I descended down the stairs, I bumped into someone who’s face I couldn’t see as they were carrying a pile of materials. Suddenly, everything became slow. I saw the person slightly lose balance on the stairs and just before they fell down, I quickly wrapped my arm around their waist.


The person’s arms separated and the materials fell down the stairs. Boy, did I get the shock of my life when I found myself staring into Adriana’s face.

The End

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