Bad Luck


Chapter 3: Bad Luck


I walked into the café, the cool air from inside making my hair fly. I looked for a table that was secluded from all the others. I sat down when I found one, ordered a coffee and thought more about the group I saw staring at me during lunch time. I had been confused ever since what had happened. The group seemed to find me really interesting. But what had I done today that attracted attention?


I sipped the coffee when it arrived and stared into space. Then suddenly, the door for the entrance of the café opened and they walked in. They were laughing at something one of them had said and they turned around to see the tables, but instead they saw me.


Too bad I had slow reflexes. The minute I saw them, I wished I had ducked down under the table. Instead I just stared at them. They stared back and one of the girls walked over to me. She had light brown hair that was put up in a ponytail.


“If you don’t mind, can we sit here too?” She asked.


“Why?” I asked, suspicious.


“Well, we usually sit here and we find you here, in our table, so we’re asking if we can sit here too.”


“Can’t you find somewhere else to sit?” I asked, irritated.


The girl stared at me and walked back to the others and they whispered for some time. Then they looked at me, and walked back to where I was and started sitting down next to me.


“Sorry if I didn’t introduce myself in the beginning,” the girl said, smiling, “I’m Tracy.”


“Wait a minute, who said you guys can sit here?” I said, standing up.


“Well, we’re regular customers and the shopkeeper is a good friend of ours and he said we can sit here anytime we want no matter what,” a girl with dark blonde hair with highlights in them said, “By the way, the name’s Nicole.”


“Yeah, and I’m Leah,” a girl with bright blonde hair reached for my hand and shook it.


“I’m out of here,” I said, getting ready to walk out the café.


“No you’re not,” Tracy said and pulled me back onto the chair.

I was really annoyed by what was happening…and confused…again. This had never happened in a school before; no one really talked to me or tried being my friend. This was the first time.


“You didn’t notice that we’re your classmates did you?” A boy asked across me.


The guy sitting next to him looked like his brother. They both had the same sandy hair and brown eyes. But the guy next to him looked a bit older.


“I’m Toby and this is my brother, Joey,” continued the boy.


Joey looked at me and just gave a nod. I decided to act mean with them.


“Do you think I really want to know who you people are?” I asked them, struggling with Tracy’s hand which was still holding my wrist preventing me from walking away.


“We know you caught us staring at you in the cafeteria. You looked like someone…let’s use the word ‘special’,” Leah said.


“Gee, thanks for the compliment,” I said, making my voice sound sarcastic.


“Look, what we’re trying to tell you is, you didn’t look like any of them,” Joey interrupted, looking at me straight in the eye.


I stopped trying to push Tracy off and stared at Joey.


“You didn’t look like you belonged in any of the other groups. It’s like…hard to explain,” Joey hesitated.


“What did you think of us when you saw us?” Toby asked.


“Uh…that you guys are weirdoes,” I muttered.


“Seriously, what did you think?” Nicole asked.


“To tell you the truth,” I said, suddenly sounding thoughtful, “I felt like you were a separate group. You looked like you wanted to be left alone and liked the way you were. Sort of in a way, like a group of nerds and pariahs, but you guys also seemed popular. Well the first thing I actually did think was you guys looked like the Cullens from Twilight.”


Ignoring the last bit, Joey continued the conversation, “Right now a better way to explain how we felt when we saw you is sort of the same way you felt about us. So we want to get  to know you.”


I noticed that Tracy wasn’t holding my wrist anymore and used this chance to get up.


“Believe me, you won’t,” I said and stormed out the café.






I looked straight ahead into empty space as I flew up and down on the swing. I really didn’t know what to do after the conversation I had with the ‘Cullens’. It was like I was poor innocent Bella who got trapped by a group who wanted to suck her blood out but didn’t. At least Bella found out that they were vampires and later on in the series became one. Nicole, Leah, Tracy, Joey and Toby aren’t vampires though. I don’t know what to do about them.


I looked at my watch that showed that the time was 7.30 a.m. It’s better that I start walking to school. I jumped off the swing and started heading for school.


About half the school day had gone by and as usual, the group was staring at me and trying to talk to me. I dodged them half the time and didn’t eat lunch in the cafeteria. Instead I prepared lunch at home itself and took it to school and ate it under the shade of a tree. After eating, I walked into the main school hall and saw a teacher struggling with some art materials.


Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to help out people, is it? So I walked over to the teacher who said it would be great if I could deliver these materials over to the 3rd grade homeroom teacher of the elementary part of the school.


Even though I didn’t know where it was, I decided to find my way through. I walked out to the entrance of the school and looked around. I noticed a large building to the right of the high-school. It had a big board labeled “Riverdale Elementary School Building”. I guessed I should walk over there and find the 3rd grade homeroom. That’s exactly what I did.


I stumbled over a lot and nearly fell down because of the mountain that I held in my hands. It was all these construction papers and drawing materials just piled up one by one. It took a long time to actually get in and when I did, I noticed the stairs to the right side. There was a board that showed instructions to classes.


Riverdale elementary school















I groaned. In all my life and to all the schools I had been to, I had never seen such an elementary school with a floor for each grade. Don’t they have elevators around here? 


I looked around and quickly spotted one opposite the staircase.  There was a board covering the way to the elevator.


Out of service! Needs to be repaired.



“I can’t believe this!” I yelled.


I shouldn’t have even agreed to help the teacher! I always find bad luck, or maybe bad luck finds me.


I started climbing up the stairs. With every step I took, the burden seemed to get heavier. Finally, I just had a few more stairs to go and I’d reach the 3rd grade homeroom!


9 more steps…8 more steps…7 more steps…6…5…4…3…2…1…


Right then, right when I saw the homeroom in front of me and got more hope, somebody walked past me. And while they did, they bumped into me, quite hard you could say. I started losing balance on the stairs and fell, trying to grab thin air. I just hoped heaven’s gates would open when they see my poor soul trying to get in.





The End

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