Chapter 21

My Amusing Idiocy


Being with Raphael was like learning that another part of my soul had been found the moment I’d seen him the way I do now. Since the second I’d acknowledged my feelings towards him, I saw him in a completely different way. The way he looked at me made my heart burn in a strange way that wasn’t painful. As cliché as my thoughts ended up turning about him, I knew what I felt was true and no one could change that.

Today ended up being a very eventful day, especially for the others. We’d received circulars the day before that school would end for us at 11:30 rather than at the usual 3:00 pm. This only applied to the high school section as the middle schoolers and elementary side of school still had to resume their normal day. We had midterms coming up for this semester starting next week, and today being Friday, they gave us a half day of school.

Coincidentally, Ana was also going on a field trip with her class to the zoo and would be returning pretty late as her class will also be visiting museums and other areas in the city. She’d be dropped off at home by the school bus and so, Raphael and I wouldn’t have to walk her back home.

However, my thoughts were quite different than the others in the gang. They pretty much wanted today to use a token to relax. But I wanted to use it as a head start to revising for the upcoming exams.  Nevertheless, this was the perfect excuse for the others to take advantage of the chance to tease me. Especially Nicole, who we considered the ‘smartass’ of the group, was taking control of the situation. It was 10:45 and we still had a lot of time before we would leave. Most of the high school students had already left, seeing as none of the teachers attended class. But Tracy, Nicole and Leah all thought it would be better for us to stay, in order to create ‘memories’, much to the groans and disagreements coming from the guys and myself.

I received knowing and smug grins from all three of the girls when I complained that I wanted to get going home. They came back at me with a, “Oh, can’t you go 45 more minutes without romancing with Raphael? You’ll live.”

I rolled my eyes at them. So that’s why they thought I wanted to leave. They had it wrong.

“No, I want to go home because I need to start studying. I can spend time with Raphael any day. I mean he’s only next door right?”

Silence took over as they all stared at me; some with amused faces and others with expressions of surprise. Raphael looked aghast, as if I’d just slapped him across the face. He was practically gawking at me and I couldn’t help but wonder why. I mean, even if we are dating, that doesn’t mean I’d take the relationship quite yet to the stage where I’d forget about studies if you know what I mean. After all, I do want to get a passing grade in my exams.

Toby and Joey started sniggering to themselves quietly after hearing what I’d said and I saw Raphael throw them a steely glare before slumping onto his chair and putting on a sulky face – the kind you’d see on a child’s when you send them to their ‘time-out chair’. Tracy was secretly smiling to herself; I assumed she was finding this all quite entertaining. But Leah and Nicole on the other hand are a completely different story. They were looking at me with inconsolable expressions on their faces, like I’d just torn their souls apart.

“How can you say that Adri? You probably broke his heart!” Leah said her voice sounding like she was in pain.


The fact that I wasn’t as romantic to their expectations threw almost everyone over the edge. Tracy, Joey and Toby couldn’t hold back anymore and started slamming their hands on the table and laughing hard almost falling off their chairs. Leah and Nicole gaped at me further as if they’d just discovered a new fungi or species that they’d never seen in their lives. Raphael? Oh boy, well he refused to look at me further. What had I done wrong?

“Jeez, I’d never thoughtyouto be a geek Adriana. I mean, live it up! You’re supposed to have a little fun when you’re in a relationship!” Joey teased.

Even Nicole added to this by saying, “And I thoughtIwas being paranoid about my grades.”

I sighed heavily and said, “It’s not like I’m un-romantic or anything. I do like Raphael, a lot. But, think practically you guys, exams are just around the corner and I’ve barely started studying. Don’t you think I should start as soon as I can? Besides, I’m sure Raphael wasn’t having any particular plans with me for today. Well were you?”

I directed my gaze towards Raphael who was staring at the ground. We all waited for him to answer and minutes passed. The more we waited, the more I realized how wrong I was. So this is why he looked like he’d received a punch in the gut before.

“Raph?” I asked, my voice barely a timid squeak.

“Well of course I had plans!” He said with a huff and glared at me in a way that made me feel like I should melt into a puddle on my seat – not because he looked angry but because of the fact that I was very stupid.

“I mean, any person in a relationship would!”

Everyone’s eyes went to my face and I felt my palms getting sweaty.


Okay. Wrong thing to have said. I admit. But Raphael’s gaze on me softened when he noticed how nervous I felt with everything that had happened in the past minute. Then, his eyes turned playful and so did his grin.

“It’s not like you haven’t dated anyone before right?”

Tracy, Nicole, Leah, Joey, Toby and Raphael all waited for my answer expectantly and I did something that had become a habit of mine when I was feeling particularly uncomfortable. Running my hands through my hair, I muttered in a voice that was quite low in volume that they had to lean in to hear, “Well…you’re my first, if that’s what you mean.”

Squeezing my eyes shut, I knew the reactions from everyone would be instantaneous. The moment I opened them again, I would hear what they thought of my very inexperienced dating life. 

The End

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