A Heavenly Day and Night

Chapter 20

A Heavenly Day and Night


It was an amazing day. Heavenly. A much better terms to use. I felt like the most priveleged guy in the world. And I was. Only I could hold my dear Adriana. I and no other. Everything captivated about her captivated me. Her smile, her humor, the delightful ssmell of her hair, the tenderness with which she touched me....

These were the thought which raced through my mind as I sat quietly on the couch. Ana was asleep so she couldn't see me in my pensive mood. I gently ran my fingers through my hair as I thought of her.

A smile playing on my lips I threw open the window to let in the beautifully cool air massage my face. The cars below were small and the shrill honk of horns was distant. I pitied the poor people down there. They did not know what I had. They would never feel the way I did. Poor people.

I lifted my face to the sky and my thoughts wandered again. The wind was her fingers upon my face, her mouth whispering into my ear, her hair tickling my neck. The perfectness was complete. Adriana was mine and even the night seemed to rejoice with me.

Eventually I realized that I needed to get some rest, lest I be to tired to visit Adriana before school. When I slipped into my bed minutes later I thought of Adriana one last time. Then almost absent mindedly I constructed a mental picture of her. She was standing in a sunlit field in a white dress. The tree tops were outlined with gold as the sun shone upon them. But more marvoleous and beautiful was Adriana. She had a pair of great white wings extending from her back. I smiled and thought to myself. Adriana. My angel. Then I drifted into a sleep filled with her and I flying through the skies above.

The End

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