Tough Love In A Literal Sense

Chapter 19

Tough Love In A Literal Sense


I hated to leave Raphael, leave the kiss filled with affection, but it was getting late and believe it or not, I had to get my share of sleep for tommorow. And knowing that it would probably take me hours to get my mind off the moment and get some proper sleep, I'd left him.

Sleep was calling me ever so sweetly but my mind just wouldn't give in. Everytime I closed my eyes, I'd feel his lips softly pressing against mine and I'd open them again, to see if Raphael was really there.

Sighing, I turned over for the millionth time and stuffed my face into the pillow.

"Damn it Adriana! Go to sleep!!!" My yell came out in a muffle. Squeezing my eyes shut, I forced for sleep to reign over me and this time, it did.


I woke up late, extremely late. I turned over and stretched, getting up then looked at the clock on my bedside table. 10.00 a.m. Yawning, I stretched again before freezing. Hell!

Without even taking a shower, I hurried to put on some clothes, ditched breakfast and ran for it. School started two hours ago! And I'd already missed so much classes! With a groan, I ran faster toward the campus. I hope Raphael didn't think I'd rejected him or something just because I didn't show up in the elevator this time.

Finally, after getting a tardy pass and walking into class, I slumped in my seat, my forehead hitting the top of my desk softly. Man this sucked. But at once, my energy went up when I thought of lunch time which was only an hour away now. I'd see Raphael.


I almost ran to the cafeteria when the bell rang for the end of class. Pushing past the students in the crowded hallways of the school, I ran towards the entrance to the caf; almost tripping over four times. I finally entered inside, the cool air condition hitting me with instant relief. Gasping for breath and ignoring the stares I got for my erratic entrance, I looked around, trying to spot where he was.

That's when I saw Tracy's arm waving over at me. Sitting across her and patting the empty seat next to him, was Raphael. I almost started running again, when I noticed I was already enough of a wreck and walked.

"Hey," I said, sitting down next to him.

He smiled, interlacing his fingers in mine before giving me a soft peck on the cheek.


The gang didn't have to hear it from us to figure out the relationship between me and Raphael. Seeing the kiss he'd given me on the cheek, they just all slyly grinned at each other and nodded, understanding. That was it, the day went on normal as ever after that.

Except for the occasional public signs of affection we gave each other. Once I was done eating, Raphael had taken me out the cafeteria, so we were alone in the desserted hallways and given me a kiss which I'd happily returned.

After that, I'd find him waiting outside class for me, walking me to the next one, kissing me one more time before leaving. Of course we got told off by the stupid teachers. Guess we were having a 'tough love'. I grinned to myself at the thought.

The End

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