A Moment Frozen In Time

Chapter 18:

A Moment Frozen in Time


I just stood there staring, thousands of thoughts flying through my head but on freezing in place and captivating my mind. Adriana. She looked at me with concern. "Raphael?" She stepped forward.

A voice popped into my head. Not an evil one this time. It whispered "Don't let her go." into every corner of my mind then was silent. I inteneded to follow its advice. I pulled her into an embrace and whispered into her hair "Don't ever leave me."

I held onto her. I cried for a time, my pent up anger letting itself out in a few small drops onto her hair. I was thankful she didn't seem to notice. I just held her. I pressed the side of my face to the top of her head, the delightful smells of her hair filling my nostrils.

I don't know how long I held her but it seemed an eternity of perfectness. When she eventually let go of me I looked at her, hoping she wasn't rejecting me. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and leaned up on the tips of her toes to gently kiss me again.

I returned her kiss with love but she quickly pulled away and whispered up to my ear. "I have to go." Using all of my willpower I let her slip out the door and stumbled to my bed.

I curled up and knew that nothing could ever compare to kissing her. I fell asleep with her taste dancing on my lips.

The End

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