Not The Aftermath I Expected

Chapter 16

Not the Aftermath I expected


She stared at me with a look of total shock on her face. A whole bunch of emotions swirled around inside of me. Had she forgotton? Did she care? Was she in shock because she had thought it a dream? Thousands upon thousands of questions surged and I shut down my emotions in a self-protection technique. I stared at her expectently, the feelings I was fighting threatining to break through at anything from a movement to a huge speech about feelings.

Then the bell rang. It didn't phase me at all. I stared at her, waiting. She was looking uncomfortable. Then she left. Just suddenly she left to go to class. My insides broke through and I had an overwhelming urge to punch something. Of course she didn't care! I was being absolutley stupid! Why in the world would she care!

I kicked the brick wall as hard as I could and stormed away from the school. I was NOT  going to give her the satisfaction of seeing my face.

I stomped angrily in the streets. I don't really know where I went. I was so angry I couldn't stand it. I didn't even know why! She hadn't said anything! 'Ah, but that's just it. She doesn't want to say anything because she doesn't want to hurt your feelings.' An evil little voice in my mind whispered. All day I angrily prowled the streets with that evil voice in my head completley throwing off my perception of Adriana.

I didn't eat anything all day and still wasn't hungry when I got Ana. She was oblivious to my anger and she chattered about her life to me. I took her home and made her supper. Then I told her it was a good night to read a book in bed. She smiled and nodded in agreement. I settled her in and told her she had an half an hour to read. I kissed the crown of her head and softly whispered "Goodnight. I love you."

"I love you too Raphael." She said. Then I left feeling calmer. Her presence always made me feel better. But after a few minutes alone the evil voice acted up and I was angry again.

About an hour later a soft knock-knock came on the door. I was so angry I was tempted to rip the handle right off the door. But how angry I felt then was nothing compared to the rage I experienced when I saw who was standing there.

"Can we talk a minute?" Adriana asked.

The End

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