Wings Of A Fallen Angel

This story is about a girl named Adriana and how she figures out what true love is. But she hates Raphael and avoids him whenever she sees him...little did she know that he is the same Ray that she falls in love with...


Chapter 1: Freak


I walked into the school hall and searched for the assembly room. As I walked in, I sighed and looked around. This was just déjà vu, another replay of my whole life. Because of my dad’s job, I moved around a lot. Since I was small, I had never stayed in a place for more then a year. So I could easily identify the cliques of the school, the gossip girls, the jocks, the geeks, and very easily the outcasts.


I had always been identified as a geek or an outcast. Never as one of them, the popular ones. I’d rather just be left alone like this. But my family, don’t really see what’s happening to me as we keep moving around like this. They think I’m happy with all this, though I’m not.


I walked in and looked around and saw it. There was a board indicating where the new students should sit. Many schools usually do this and this was one of them. As I sat down, I noticed that Riverdale High School would probably introduce each new student to the whole high-school instead of to its own grade.


I played around with my long black hair as I waited for the assembly room to fill up with students.





I got up and walked toward the stage, not caring what every high-school student was thinking about me.


“Introduce yourself,” the high school principal said.


“Adriana, 9th grade,” I muttered into the microphone, not looking particularly at anyone.


“So why’d you have to come here?”


These were the usual questions people asked and I started getting bored of it.


“Because of my dad’s job.”


While they asked many questions, I answered them politely, though my facial expression might have put up the thought that I was bored with myself and the world. Half the students though, showed no interest in me. This, I was used to. I just hoped that I would not get lots of attention…



It was lunch time and I had already been elected up to the position of a ‘freak’. It’s not like I minded though. I was used to this stuff. I was sitting alone on a table, and picking at the food the cafeteria of the school had served, lasagna. Suddenly, I had a feeling that someone was watching me. I turned and looked around the cafeteria.


That was when my eyes fell on them. A group that was staring at me like the Cullen vampire group out of Twilight; but they didn’t look like outcasts or geeks. They seemed to be still part of the real world, still seemed to be popular…but not like they really wanted that much attention. It’s hard to explain. I turned back around so I could stare at my food. My eyes shifted up to see the jocks and the gossip girls.


As they boomed with laughter over at their table, I could see them not look in the geeks and outcasts direction at all (that I expected) but they flashed a smile regularly over at the other group’s direction. I frowned not understanding what was happening.


After a long time, I was confused…




The End

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