Wings and MagicMature

A woman who is a real witch helps people in need. But soon, she is wanted for other things. A policeman wants her dead. And to top that, she is wanted by an angel who either wants to kill her or love her forever, and she doesn't know which.

Chapter 1: First Encounter With An Evil Man

Regina Blake hung the bundle of dried rosemary up on the string that was hanging against the wall behind the counter in her shop. On the string, tied in bundles, were an assortment of herbs and plants. Some were fresh, but most were dried. Each bundle had a tag that told what herb they were. Below the string, on a waist-high shelf, were bottles and containers of dozens of different products.

Regina, also known as Rabbit to her employees, owned this small shop by herself. The shop was called Blake's Craft. She sold witchcraft supplies to any who needed them. Regina did not sell dangerous or illegal items which made some people angry; it also slowed down her business.

She had the room set up by importance of the items. By the door she had emblems, amulets, charms, and talismans. To the left, from the front windows to her counter which spanned the entire length of the store at the back, were shelves of books, whether antiques or newer works. To the right she had other things like enchanted rope, charmed bags that had endless room, stones that could hold energy, and countless other things. There was a walkway that led to her counter. Many people that came into her store were amateur practicers.

Regina walked over and began straightening books. After she was done with this, she looked up at the ceiling fans that were still from where she turned them off and saw the dust piled on the blades. The fans were fifteen feet above the floor. She focused, waved her hand, and whispered, "Perdes pulverem." The dust fell from the blades like someone had wiped them clean. She headed toward the supply closet that was behind the counter to get the broom and dust pan.

As she was coming back, the bell that sounded when someone opened the shop's door rang. She looked to the door and a woman stood there, ringing a knit hat between her hands. The woman was nervous; Regina could tell that. Some people got that way when they entered her store.

"May I help you?" Regina asked politely before swiftly sweeping up a small pile of dust under one of the fans that was closest to her. She dumped the dust into the trash bin and set the broom and pan up on the counter. Regina put her right hand on her hip and leaned back against the counter.

The woman cleared her throat and said, "I don't know. You may be able to." She paused. "I'm looking for a woman named Rabbit? I was told she can help me with my...problem."

Regina motioned with her hand and walked behind the counter. The woman came forward and stood across from Regina. She was fidgeting, occasionally looking to the door like she was going to flee any moment.

"What is you problem?" Regina asked. The woman frowned and looked down before saying, "It is a little embarrassing."

"Embarrassing? How? I have seen a lot of stuff, but for me to help you, you have to tell me the problem." Regina leaned forward, resting her elbows on the counter. "Would you like some tea or coffee before we begin?"

"Some coffee, please."

Regina walked over to a large coffee maker on the shelf against the wall and poured two mugs full of black coffee. "Creamer? Sugar?"

"Plain," the woman replied. Regina raised a chair over the counter and set it next to the woman. The woman said thank you and then sat, taking the mug of coffee when Regina offered it to her. Regina pulled up another chair and also sat down, sipping her coffee.

"Now, what is your name and your 'problem'?" Regina asked.

The woman paused after she took a good swig of her coffee. "My name is Abigael Sand--" Regina held up her hand, cutting the woman off.

"Only first names. Last names become problems for witches."

Abigael smiled like she understood. "My name is Abigael. And my husband beats me. For five years, he's nearly killed me twice. I can't get away from him." She shivered and a few tears ran down her cheeks. Regina handed her a tissue after she continued. "The police are no help because he is on the squad. They just ignore my pleas. I have no family to go to. I need help before he kills me. He has been getting angrier lately. He hits harder than he did before and I have to get away!" Her voice raised at the end as she grew more upset.

Regina stood and smiled a reassuring smile. "I can help you, but it comes at a price." Abigael's face fell and she said, "I have no money."

Regina smiled again. "No worries. Not that kind of payment. I do work like this for free. I just need a piece of his hair and a piece of your's. I also need a necklace of something from you." Abigael pulled two small, plastic bags out of her purse and laid them on the counter; she took a necklace from around her throat and also laid it on the counter. Regina's eyebrows raised in surprise at the two bags and necklace.

"Who sent you here?" Regina asked curiously.

"My neighbour, Isabella," Abigael replied. Isabella Bishop was a friend of Regina's. "She told me to bring these." Abigael smiled; she looked hopeful. Regina collected a bowl, different herbs, and a small stick from her shelf; she set the items down on the counter in front of Abigael. She went to the sink that was next to the shelf and filled a pitcher with water.

"When I begin, Abigael, do not interrupt me. Do what I say and your problem will disappear, okay?" Regina said.

Abigael nodded. Regina poured a little water into the bowl and said, "Ego petere praesidium. Ego petere invisibilitatem. Ego petere vires." The water rippled and the room got a little colder. Regina reached and grabbed three candles from the shelf; she set them around the bowl. She waved her hand and whispered, "Ignis." The candles' wicks caught fire and Abigael jumped in shock.  Regina dropped the lock of Abigael's hair into the middle candle; the candle burned really high and, with the smell of burning hair, the lock was incinerated. Then, Regina dropped the necklace into the water and blew out the candles.  "Transferre."

Regina dipped Abigael's husband's hair into the water and murmured, "Cosain an bhean as an fear!"  Regina's eyes glowed a bright emerald color before fading back to their normal hazel color.

"You will be free if you give this hair to him as a gift. That is all that is left to do." Regina pulled the necklace from the water and placed it around Abigael's neck. "After you do that, come back here and I will have a car ready to take you anywhere you want to go."

"I can't stay here in the city?" Abigael asked.

Regina replied, "Yes, you can, but I thought you'd want to leave this city. You don't want to?" Abigael shook her head no; she looked relieved.

"Then we'll find you a good place to live, but first you must complete the task. Go give the hair to him while he is at work. He won't hurt you in front of people," Regina suggested. "Come straight back here and I will finish the spell."

"Thank you, Rabbit," Abigael said, smiling. "I will never be able to repay you for your kindness." She grabbed the bag with the hair in it and left. Regina threw away the small candles and the extra bag, and put the bowl by the sink. She turned the small heater on the floor by the shelf on so the room would warm up; magic took energy from her and the room, and that energy exchange made the temperature drop. She was about to start back on her chores, when the front door slammed open and Abigael came running in, a huge bruise on her face.

The woman was scared out of her mind. Blood ran from her nose. Regina rushed from behind the counter and grabbed Abigael by her shoulders. "What happened?"

"He followed me here. He said he knew what you were doing. I'm sorry! He would not accept the hair from me," she sobbed. Horror filled her eyes when a man's voice came from the doorway.

"Come on, Abigael. Let's go home," the man said. "Stop bothering the woman. We need to get you checked by a doctor." Regina stepped in front of Abigael, making the man frown in anger. "Abigael is crazy. She has been going to a therapist for two years. She is dellusional and paranoid. Whatever she has told you is a lie."

"It is the truth, Rabbit. I promise," whispered Abigael in Regina's ear.

"I know, Abigael. No one can lie to me," said Regina. She turned her attention back to the man standing in her doorway. "Sir, you need to leave my shop. Abigael is safe here. I don't want to have to call the police."

The man laughed. "I am the police, bitch!!" He began to try to walk across the houses threshold of the doorway and stopped short as if an invisible force was hindering him. "What is this?" he asked, confused.

Regina laughed. "Ash from from an ancient oak that was burned down a long time ago. The ash is mixed with my blood and sprinkled around the doors and windows. It protects me from anyone who wants to harm me."

The man growled and Abigael flinched.

Regina stepped forward, dragging the terrified Abigael behind. "Leave. You can't enter," Regina informed him.

"I know about you, witch!! The magic you spread around. I'm going to kill you, and after you're dead, she'll be next," he said, pointing at Abigael.

The End

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