Chapter Three: Fitting In

I finished leading the girls throughout the whole house, until I finally led them to the highest level.  "This is where we'll all sleep," I told them.  "I hope you don't mind sharing a room."

I pulled open the large double doors to reveal a rather spacious quarter.  This room was big enough for all seven of us to fit in comfortably.  At the moment, everything was bare and empty.  Catherine noticed this.

"Where are all the beds?"

"Well, I'm guessing my parents thought that you could pick a portion of the room and desgin it as you see fit."

"Shopping?"  Gayle asked hopefully.

"Shopping," I said.

A hopeful gleam shined in all of their eyes.  I could tell that they had never had this kind of opportunity before. 

"Come on." 

I ran back up to the first level, the rest of the girls trailing behind me.  "Now, you get to meet Austin, the driver."

"Driver?" asked Marie.  "You don't have a carriage do you?"

"No," I said.  "Just a limo."

"Wouldn't that... uh, draw attention?"  Renee said. 

I smiled.  "Maybe a little."

*                                                                                *                                                                                      *

Shopping took up most of the afternoon, and by the time we returned to the mansion we all called home, supper was being served.  The girls looked slightly uncomfortable at all the choices they had before them. 

"Don't be shy," I whispered.  "Take whatever."

Still, none of them moved except Catherine who turned to me and said, "Shall we say grace?"

I divided a look between my mother and my father.  Both were completely ignoring us; they were too consumed in the latest polls.  I glanced back at Catherine. 

"Sure," I said.  All around the table, we grasped hands and bowed our heads. 

"Heavenly Father," Catherine began.  "We humbly thank You for all You have blessed us with.  Thank You for providing my sisters and I with this loving home.  We pray You bless this food to our bodies.  In Your loving name we pray, Amen."

"Amen," we choursed.

Now they reached for the food that adorned our table.  As we sat through dinner, I noticed that Ann and Jade tried to make small talk with my parents.  I felt incredibly guilty as my parents would indulge their requests for a moment, then turn the attention back to themselves.  Finally, the maids came and cleared the table, replacing the main course with a desert.

Different cakes, ice creams, and other sweets now sat atop the expensive mahogony table.  I offered a small slice of cake to the girls, but they declined saying they were too full.  With a soft smile, I set the cake back. 

"If you're done," I said, standing up, "Let's head up stairs."

**{NOTE:  This chapter is not finished!  It will be soon.  I promise!}**

The End

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