Chapter Two: New Family

I'll admit, I was a little excited about gaining some new family.  It was so boring here alone, and I was excited for the company.  I sat up in my room, lost in a novel, when my mom knocked on my door. 

"Rose, honey.  They're here, come downstairs and meet them."

I gently placed a bookmark in the pages of the old novel, and headed down to meet the new arrivals.  As I slowly descended the grand staircase and saw that the orphans were already inside, and that they were not what I was expecting. 

There were six, alright.  But I was expecting young five or six year olds.  Instead, I was met by six teenagers. 

"Ah, Rose!"  Mom said as she saw me.  "Come on, come on!"  She waved her hand vigorously as if to hurry my descent down the stairs.  My slight shock did anything but speed my pace up.  When I had finally reached the ground floor, Mom made introductions.

"Rose, this is Ann."  Mom gestured toward the tallest girl of the group.  Ann was only a little taller than me, probably five-seven or five-eight.  She was lean with dark brown hair that fell in layers to her shoulders.  Her bangs were side-swept over her piercing blue eyes.  She smiled a little shyly, and a little awkward, as if she wasn't entirely comfortable with her surroundings. 

"This is Catherine.  Do you go by Cathy or Katie, or something?"  Mom asked.

"No,"  the girl said, "just Catherine."

Catherine was the second tallest of the group -- I wondered if my mom was going to introduce them in accordance to their height?.  She was just as tall as I was, she too, was lean figured.  Her hair cascaded in dirty blond waves, with bangs in a Pride and Prejudice way over her darker blue eyes.  She smiled in a much more comfortable way, her eyes darting back and forth, taking in everything. 

"This is Marie."

Marie was slightly shorter than me -- my aforementioned theory becoming stronger by the minute -- and paler.  Ann was light, Catherine was slightly tanned, but Marie was lighter than Ann was.  Marie had a slightly pointed nose, and deep brown green, almond shape eyes.  Her hair was a strange shade of red/gold/strawberry blond which fell in ringlets past her shoulders.  She smiled and I realized that she had smile lines already around her eyes.

"Next here, is Jade."

Okay, so disaprove my heigt theory as Jade was not the next tallest.  She wasn't the shortest, either.  Jade's head barely touched my chin and was framed by light golden blond hair.  She too, had bangs and face-framers like Catherine.  She had a slightly pointed nose like Marie and bright, inquisitive blue eyes. 

"Gayle, and Renee,"  Mom finished. 

Gayle was tallest next to Marie -- about the same height.  She was the tannest of the group, her skin a little darker than my own.  Her face was a gentle heart shape, and he had huge, deep brown eyes.  Her smile wasn't forced or awkward like some of the others; she seemed generally pleased to be here. 

Renee was the one who stood out in the group.  She was the shortest, I would be surprised if she topped in over five feet.  Her skin was pale, not sickly-looking pale, just a lighter shade than everyone else's.  She looked.... well, emo.  I wasn't saying that to be harsh.  I instantly felt bad about judging her by how she looked.  Renee's hair was styled in a way that looked as though she was trying to grow her own extensions.  Her hair was dark brown in color, but I saw a peek-a-boo of blond underneath that, and I thought I saw a deep purple streak on the side of her head when she brushed her bangs away from her face.  She wore eyeliner a little too heavy around her blue grey eyes, but she -- like Gayle -- seemed happy to be here. 

I stared around at my new family, thinking... this may not be all that bad.

"Rose, why don't you show them their new rooms?"

"Sure," I said, smiling.  "This way."  I turned and led the group up the large stair case.  The girls seemed very quiet as we ascended, and I didn't press them for conversation; this was probably as awkward for them as it was for me. 

While giving them the grand tour, Catherine told me, "Wow!  You're house is like a palace!"

I smiled.  "Yeah, I guess so." 

I led them all around the top floor, which included four guest bedrooms ("Not where you'll be sleeping," I told them), two half bathrooms and two full bathrooms, a spare room and a balcony.  All the girls liked the balcony.  Renee rushed to the edge and spread her arms, like she was about to take off in flight. 

"I feel like I'm so high I'm flying!" she said. 

I laughed.  "I feel that way sometimes too, Renee," I said.  "Just wanting to jump off and fly away from everything... even for a few hours."

"Wouldn't it be amazing to fly?"  Jade asked, a dreamy look crossing over her eyes.

"Yeah, except you'd have to watch out for storms, and birds, and planes," Marie said.

"Come on," I said.  "There is a lot more house to check out."

The End

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