Megan had heard stories..Stories of the unknown.

As i walked down the small opening through the thick woods i heard a sound! a sound i had never come across before! It sounded like a yearning man!

megan walked towards me and her presence grew stronger. her strength was one of disire, persiverence, will and power! power only a demon or god possesed.

i thought someone was summoning me...i heard a faint cry of "megan" but it was almost as though someone was calling me with their minds.

she was beauiful but in that way that just by looking at her you realize she's no mortal. she is special, powerful, mighty even.

then she turned and im sure she saw me!

then i heard footsteps... i turned! and i saw him!

she was so beautiful!

he was magnificent!

her lucious black hair that fell apon her milky skin. her emerald eyes that shone in the moonlight like a cat's. her tall yet slender frame of pure grace..and her voice.....

he was outlandishly gorgeous! that silky tasseled blonde hair and sunkissed skin. his golden eyes which glowed brighter than the sun in the night his braod and  muscular phsique and his voice...

"hello?" i whispered

"hello" i said in the firmist most astute voice i could mock up.

and then i saw them...wings! they were a silvery blue and looked as though they were made up of the rays illuminating from the moon!

"i am alejandro...your protecter, my highness!"

he then bent down and with lips as soft as a feather kissed my mine asthough they were made of the sweetest most disired substence on the earth!

The End

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