Anonymous walked into the nothing.

He gathered his name and features of the drab and lulling pavement of nothingness. The inanimate void swept to life, pillars of concrete spreading out, slabs of tarmac stretching into a hazy horizon, lights plucked out of darkness, bleeding neon voraciously into the sea of smog. 

Leon assumed his character, albeit somewhat translucently, the face new, fresh, clean skin, smooth save for untrimmed stubble. Clothing dull and earthy, his hooded top underneath a jacket, dusky and worn, leather. His jeans fashionably scored and frayed.

The vast cityscape had ceased to expand, now the human components blurred into reality, shaping strange looking characters, their deep set eyes encircled by creased dark skin. Beyond the night time stars leapt out and into day, scorching the sky in obscure patterns. 

Leon had never walked upon earth before, it would be a new experience for him, he needed to venture forward to explore this new place, acquaint himself with the world he was to inhabit for his next mission. 

Leon was a wing-walker, more commonly known on earth as a guardian angel, he intended to appear less fictional than he was generally perceived to be on a human known basis. Most other cultures he had visited were aware of the existence of wing-walkers, but on earth the society had developed to exterminate the idea of such "mythical" creatures, this meant he had to keep a low profile and help his charge in the most delicate of fashions. 

This was an honor for Leon, he was rarely downloaded into a culture of such importance, of course if the next Lord of the other world happened to be Luke, he would most likely be discharged from this mission, and Earth would forgotten. 

The sky shimmered velvet as dawn clasped the city, Leon was gradually being integrated into earth's time frame, the process seemed to last hours. His body slowly  took a more opaque form. Sun climbed up the sky like an inebriated ping pong ball, until it came to a halt, drying up the world. 

Leon blinked. It was time to begin...

The End

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